PS4 / XBOX version distribution start of “Replica” and “Legal Dungeon”. Hacking smartphone ADV and social documents creation ADV

Our Active Gaming Media Indie Game Brand PLAYISM started distribution 4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series x | S version of “ Replica ” and “ Regal Dungeon ” and “ REPLICA “. Price is “Replica” tax included 498 yen, “Legal dungeon” is tax-included 980 yen. Distribution of PC versions in Microsoft Store has also been started.

“Replica” is a short interactive adventure game that controls someone’s smartphone to unlike the secret. The main character of this work has been bound by the national security department for some reason and has a smartphone hacking. The player operates someone’s smartphone on behalf of the protagonist. Take a record of the inside and look for evidence of terrorism.

However, the smartphone is locked, and at first, even the home screen can not be reached. Therefore, the player gets the password in the smartphone’s information on the smartph1. It uses information to hack the terminal using information such as someone from someone and writing SNS. A background that draws information from someone’s smartphone, such as the mystery, such as what the main character is detained. Due to one terminal and 12 types of endings, a guilt with a sense of guilt is drawn. In the STEAM version released in 2016, we have obtained 86% of the 2630 user reviews at the time of writing this paper and have acquired the status “very popular” status.

“Legal Dungeon” creates documents inside a corrupted police organization, and is a socialist mystery adventure game that influences life. Seisaki, who is the main character of this work, is responsible for the leader of the investigation team as a new party police department. The player is responsible for creating a written opinion among her work. She fills the blanks of the document based on the statement and the case, etc., and decides the dash and prosecution of the suspect.

Specifically, we will create a written opinion by dragging and dropping the keyword from each document. In the case of the aft, the game progresses by the understanding and input of the case, such as entering the “Primary Code No. 1002 (1 (thief)” from the related laws and regulations. The necessary information is prepared in the game, so it seems that the knowledge of the law is not necessary for play.

However, in this work, just creating documents according to the conscience will soon receive a bad end. In the police in the work, the score is all, and if the suspect will be prosecuted and evaluated, the position is dangerous. Depending on the content of the opinion, the hero’s own life and her doubt life branch. Throughout, guilt and unexpected facts are drawn. In the STEAM version released in 2019, it has been a status “somewhat good-looking” with 77% of the 350 user reviews at the time of writing this paper.

“Replica” and “Legal Dungeon” have developed Korean indie game developers SOMI. He calls three “guilt triplets”, including “The Wake” released in STeam in 2020, and content is painful to have a conscience in each work. In addition, the localization of “Legal Dungeon” is involved in the domestic game production circle puch depot that worked on “Gnossia”. According to the Petit Depot comments in the press release, the developer’s SOMI actually worked on law enforcement, and the story seems to have felt SOMI’s own prayer.

In addition, Twitter is being implemented by a present campaign to commemorate released. If you follow the official Twitter of Playism and rt the target tweet, the drawing will be presented to five “Replica” and “Regal Dungeon” t-shirts.

“REPLICA” is tax-included 498 yen, “legal dungeon” is tax-included 980 yen, PLAYSTATION 4 / XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | S / PC (Microsoft Store) version will be delivered on April 5. Both works are also distributed to Nintendo Switch / PC (STeam) version.

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