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This week Sony has introduced some changes to the own subscription service PlayStation Plus. More features are announced, but they also cost a lot more. What changes for you and what else has happened this week will learn in this issue of Giga Tech Insights.

PlayStation Plus: More content for more money

One of the cheapest opportunities to Games is coming, is certainly the Xbox Game Pass of Microsoft. For under 10 euros a month, users of the Game Pass get access to a play library of over 100 games titles, for a few euros more are also PC games, as well as Xbox cloud gaming. A round offer, which seemed so far unrivaled so far.

Xbox Game Pass (3 months) View on Amazon

Now this week Sony has made great changes to the own subscription PlayStation Plus subscription service. In addition to online gaming and free games, this service will be added to this service, but of course – also have an extra charge. So PlayStation Plus could cost you up to 17.99 euros for you soon if you decide you for the new features. What exactly changes for you, you will learn in this issue of Giga Tech Insights, the video can be found above in the article.

Xbox Game Pass: Family plan could come

But the Game Pass could soon get a significant extension soon. How Windows Central wants to learn from an internal source Microsoft works on offering a family subscription as well. With such a family plan, several players with only one completed subscription could use the complete offer of the Game Pass.

New Android function for older smartphones

As far as updates are concerned, Android has no significantly significant track record. At least in one point that seems to change now. Google started to rode a security feature on a whole series of old smartphones this week. All Android smartphones from the Android version Marshmallow (6.0) from 2015 can benefit from this new feature.

All this and more will you find out in this issue of Giga Tech Insights.


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