Manchester City: Jack Grealis obviously signs a millionendeal with Gucci

Jack Greaseh of Manchester City has apparently completed a lucrative sponsorship agreement with Gucci.
This reports the athletic, which assumes a seven-digit amount to collect the attacker from the luxury fashion house.
So far, Gucci focused only on stars from the entertainment scene.
A footballer as brand messages is therefore a special feature for the company. The Englishman has been photographed in more expensive fashion over the past few years – including Gucci Hoodies.
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Grealesh, who was changed in summer for 117.5 million euros from Aston Villa to Pep Guardiola, is scheduled to collect about 20 million euros per year at Manchester City.
With the Gucci millions there is still a lot on top.
There is currently no information about the exact amount.

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