Tunic language has been translated by fans

In Sayo, players receive very few instructions to help them on their way, since most of the game instructions are provided in a strange and invented language. Part of Sayo The appeal of is that it challenges players to solve things by themselves, with the occasional push in the right direction. However, it seems that the Reddit user, opposed, managed to translate the language of the game and broodled it into a useful guide that reveals all the vowels and consonants. It’s an impressive job, and it should be useful for those who try to solve things! Readers interested in seeing it by themselves can do so. right here.

For those who are not familiar with SAYO, the game was launched as an exclusive timed for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S last month, and is currently available at Xbox Game Pass. Developed by Andrew Shouldice, the game is inspired quite in the first Zelda games, while still offering its own unique experience. The difficulty of the game is part of its charm, as it forces players to discover the right path by themselves and through starting pages of a digital “instruction manual”. The pages of the manual are of great help, but most words are in the language of the foxes, which forces players to solve things on their own.

It will be interesting to see if SAYO Fans accept this translation and use it in your search! While having the translation by hand could be of great help, it is easy to see that many players choose not to use it and, instead, work with the tools that the game provides. There is no correct answer, and it depends on each player to decide that by itself. Anyway, the translation is an impressive achievement by opposite, and it is great to see how much the game fans enjoy so far. Maybe this translation even convinces some newcomers to give sayo an opportunity!

【Rainych】 SAY SO - Doja Cat | Japanese Version (cover)

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