The new PS plus can not be a game pass, but a thing is missing me anyway

For a long time under the Codename “Spartacus” by the rumor kitchen, Sony has now officially made: the PS-Plus service is expected to expand additional options at the end of June **. PS plus extra grants for 5 euros more per month access to 400 ps4 and ps5 titles, who, on the other hand, places 8 euros per month on the table, enjoys ps1, PS2, PS3 and PSP titles at PS plus Premium. as well as cloud streaming.

After all the rumors and speculation, I think the new options especially for one: a good deal. For for a little more money a month, there is a lot of attractive advantages here, just the game libraries of past PlayStation generations are likely to be a great treat for all who wanted to catch up with the highlights of this era anyway. Anyone who wants to stay with the “old” PS plus has no disadvantages by this, but will still receive a monthly 3 “free” games in the future.

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A hinging comparison

But even the new PS plus has a problem: It must be given the comparison with the enormous successful Xbox Game Pass, on which the adaptation of PS plus was of course a reaction. And from the player’s point of view, I can totally understand that this comparison is drawn to Microsoft and compared offers. Finally, both subscription services allow access to a certain library of games.

The reality is also: the comparison lags. Because Sony becomes the effort that Microsoft puts in the Game Pass, simply can not go on for financial reasons. In addition, the monetary funds are missing in the long run, with whom the Japanese company does not have to households, but they do not exist in the abundance as the American competitor. The last major acquisitions (Microsoft: Activision Blizzard and Sony: Bungie) are representative of the different (financial) possibilities available to both companies.

'All-New PlayStation Plus' Subscription Tiers Explained - IGN Daily Fix
Tobias Veltin

Tobi has been looking forward to the PS Plus transformation since the first rumors about the PS plus transformation. He had not expected a “Game Pass-Killer”, Microsoft’s offer in many places simply too absurd is good to offer Paroli. Nevertheless, he holds the new PS plus for an important and right step.

And under this point of view, it is then completely comprehensible that Sony will not introduce First Party Releases to the new PS Plus offer in the future, unlike Microsoft. As Jim Ryan has said in our interview, Exclusives are an important strategic PlayStation cornerstone that you do not want to soften. For the truth, however, it is also belonging that Sony probably can not afford it at least in the long run, blockbusters such as God of War 2: Ragnarök directly to start to “give away” with PlayStation Plus subscription.

Here is the gameplay reveal trailer of Kratos’ coming adventure:

The freshness is still missing

And though this point is absolutely understandable for me, then this is exactly this “fresh” aspect of the new PS plus something. Surely new games are regularly hiking here in the libraries, but it will be clearly elegant games. In my opinion, a reason for the success of the Game Pass but also this “discover” of new things.

And that does not necessarily have to be First Party title, because also a Outrider or a Rainbow Six Extraction started from day 1 in the Microsoft service and I am sure that many only for this reason Have you looked in there. Due to the constant supplies, the Game Pass provides a certain freshness that – if I would attract the comparison – at least now was missing at the Sony offer.

Again: From an entrepreneurial point of view, the decision is totally comprehensible, especially the pricing I find fair. And it may also be that Sony’s lies is punishable and the offer subsequently even more attractive – which is about the AAA trial versions, is not quite clear. But if now the one or the other disappointed voice pay over the new PS plus options, you should be clear about the background. And above all, how can we all be spoiled by the Xbox Game Pass.

What do you say about the new PS plus?

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