Only for a short time: Secure a strategy

You just do not know what your gambling should? Then give yourself a free game at Gog. But you do not have much time for that! As part of a spring event, you can dust thick discounts.

Thea 2: Secure the Genre hybrids for free

On Steam, the “Thea: The Awakening” successor can score properly. Players praise both the great interaction of the various genres as well as the many and varied speeds of play that this strategy role-playing hit offers. But what exactly awaits you?

With a small crowd of believers, it is your task to survive. For this, it succeeds in the role of a deity from Slavic mythology and decides how to achieve your goal. Diplomacy or war, discovery or conquest – are many ways and playings available .

No matter how you decide in the end, thanks to the procedural environment and the many possibilities every game becomes a unique adventure , which can be supplemented with craft and urban planning.

_Im trailer can you make a picture of the game yourself: _

Thea 2: When can you secure the game for free?

If you want to have the game, you have to hurry. You only have time until the 1st of April at 15:00 ! After that, the game costs about 20 euros again.

Should this Stategie roleplay in the end do not commit to you, there are also numerous demos to new and upcoming games on you. As part of the “Gog Games Festival: Spring Edition” events, runs until 4 April , you can also look forward to numerous discounts.

Thea 2: The Shattering is available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy the game alone or play with up to three friends online .

A Cultural Failing Or A Failed Culture
Secure Thea 2 for free

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