I know the king of darkness in the new innovator of the metroidvania español aeterna noctis

Aeterna Noctis - Is this the hardest metroidvania? | Cannot be Tamed

You still have no launch date From Aeternum Game Studios tell us that Summum Aeterna is a prequel of Aeternna Noctis where we will certainly put ourselves in the hands of the king of darkness in the bloodiest as well as chaotic time of him. They assure that it will certainly have extraordinary combats and also a high rhythm in a proposition of a agitated roguence

Beyond its description, where they tell us that they combine dungeon scanning mechanics with dizzy combats as well as an one-of-a-kind 2D artistic design **, there are couple of details that the research study has disclosed. We understand that Aeternum Game Studios has been functioning on this title for greater than a fifty percent as well as a year, as well as we only have a few screenshots that are extended on the Steam page, where we can consist of the product on the shopping list.

Let me inform you that it is one of the most outstanding Spanish seal metroidvanias in current years if you do not understand AEENTA NOCTIS. The title sticks out for its charm and the obstacle recommended, something that will attempt to preserve the study with Summum Aeternna , a new video clip game that has actually been revealed by surprise.

Right now the date is unknown and also if it will reach more platforms besides PC, although on its previous title it is necessary to state that it was introduced a couple of months ago, especially in December 2021. In 3DGOS we had the ability to review it, and in the Analysis of Aeternna Noctis We told you why we assume it’s a tremendously imaginative metervania **, with a sound as well as imaginative area that astounds from the first moment.

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