The Xbox Game Pass probably gets another cool feature

After Sony has introduced his revised PS-Plus service, it is clear: The Xbox Games Pass gets competition. But soon Microsoft could make sure and make a frequently desired feature reality: a family plan for the Xbox Games Pass.

A Game Pass for five gamers

Netflix already does it: A family subscription in which several people can use the appropriate service. According to Windows Central, this subscription model is to get in the Xbox Game Pass.

The speech is of offering a more expensive level of the Game Pass, which allows five players access to the games of the entire library and far cheaper fails as five separate game pass subscriptions. The account sharing is supposed to work only within the same country .

Such a family plan already exists for Microsoft’s Office 365. With an announcement and publication, Windows Central expects this year. (Source: Windows Central)

A rumor, many open questions

A confirmation of Microsoft remains still out. However, now the right time would be, after all, Sony moves the heavy guns with his PS-Plus revolution.

Many questions remain open but still open. The Game Pass can be used depending on the subscription model on both the Xbox and the PC. Is the family plan also split in Xbox, PC and both? And can access all five players at the same time on the play library and the functions of the Game Pass or is the simultaneous use on less individuals bound ?

Ultimately, the cost issue remains open, because how much does a group actually save with a family subscription? All these questions will, if Microsoft really wants to implement a family plan, will probably answer in the near future.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

What can the Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass is a video game subscription service and can be used on both the Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and on PC .

As a member, you have access to a steadily changing catalog of games and even Day-one access to First Party Studios games. With the Game Pass Ultimate you can also play across devices across the cloud.

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