The April Fools Day of the Servicon Mobile Game … Does idol debut? High-quality mini game released?

Many game companies have become April 1, which is tolerated ‘mischief’. In the April 2022, a variety of game stories are “waiting for this day”, “I have been waiting for a variety of” mischief “, especially those who develop and serve a sercing mobile game, and the attention of gamers I am receiving.

Blue Archive – Students’ idol debut? “Playful ☆ Straight”

Nexon Games developed and Nexon’s service, released a surprise video through a YouTube official channel in accordance with Nexonne. The four girls appeared in the game, ‘Aru’, ‘Hifumi,’ Aris’, ‘Yuuka’ is an idol group ‘Prisoner ☆ Straight’, It is what it shows. There is a high quality of gamers to show a high quality that exceeds a rhythm game of a dizzy pool 3D graphics.

has also released a subsequent image that had a story about ‘mischief ☆ straight’ formation. In addition, in the game, through April Fools, we distribute 1200 blue-tailed (capacity) to all users who connect to the game.

On the other hand, on the “Blue Archive> Official Twitter, change the profile image to one of the game in the game and proceeds to” Perro “, one of the game mascot characters in the game. I revealed the “playful ☆ straight” background image that can be used in desktop PCs and mobile, and the image of ‘student introduction’ image. We are working on a variety of “April Fools”.

But because it is’ April Fool ‘s prank,’ I am a ‘playful ☆ Straight’ idol version student 4 people will not release in real games.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive – Chosecos? High-quality alone execution game

Between Japan, the Games is a preaness connector that is service! Re: DIVE> (Precine) of April Fool’s Day memorial singles, was surprised. The so-called “Auto Battle” game that appears in , is a single-run mobile game that can only be enjoyed in a week.

The feature of this game is the fact that it shows ‘high quality’ game play so that it is not unbelievable that it is not unbelievable that it is a free game that is only one week. It has a Cartoon 3D graphics that reinterprets the graphics of the original, and the fun that the game is presenting, it is also possible to reflect the elements of the “Auto Battle” game, and you can enjoy it while immersing in a short period of time. Here, the scenario progressed to all the voice of the voice.

Because of this, among users, “no matter how long it looks, it is a proprondiction of a formal game that is an exciting game that is an exciting game,” says. But between the Games, however, the playable time of this game is not sure that it is not sure by April 1 to April 8th.

Unfortunately, did not have Korean. As a restriction of publishing contracts, Cacao Games can not directly service. Because of the local restriction instead, since the Korean users can also enjoy the game if they have a Japanese App Store (Apple) or a Google Play account.

Pate / Grand Order – April Fool’s Day Memorial Game

Every year, <Pate / Grand Order, famous for preparing for April Fools Event every year, showed a single-fashioned “Memorial Memorial Game” this year. <Fate / Pixel Wars “(Fate / Pixel Wars) is a unique mini-game that leads the corps represented by ‘pixel’, and fights in the field and fight various enemies.

Really unfortunately, the termination of service was announced at the same time, and gamers can enjoy this game by 23:59 pm on April 1.

However, this April Fool’s Day event is also going on in Japan, and did not have been developed separate Korean or Korean stores.

Instead, Netmarble to serve the , distribute 10 stance (paid enrollment) to all users who have been accessed by April 5, as a Memorial Day Memorial Event on the Korean Server. Users can also enjoy full-time commemorative mini games (servant memory games) through the official website.

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