PlayStation Plus Premium: 10 games that should not be missing in the retro catalog

This week the renovation of the PLAYSTATION PLUS service has been announced. Sony wants to compete with Game Pass and for that he has created new subscription memberships, which generally swell players’ options with access to a retrocompatible game catalog. Especially in the Premium model, which is the most expensive, but it will consist with titles of the catalog of PSX, PS2 and PSP, being an ideal option for nostalgic.

So, in MGG we have decided to look back to beg for 10 titles that should be present in the PS Plus Premium catalog . We are going to opt for those who have not had any remastery to date and focusing, mainly, in the first two consoles PlayStation **. In this way, we want to teach jewelry that you probably do not know, and that you can have on the radar if they are finally implemented in the new Sony program.


It is one of the most mythical platform games of the first PlayStation, and a saga that has not had continuity over the years. But everyone who has tried him remember it with great affection. A direct game, which put us tested against the Cerdiablos. And that he was spoiled charisma. Also, from appearing in the catalog, it would help many people know it, because it is not easy to access a copy of the original because of the speculation around it.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Undoubtedly, one of the most mythical titles of PlayStation. The saga has had a tour, but it has never reached the levels of this delivery, which marked a place in the heart of the players thanks to the adventures of Kain, Raziel and company. A game that, by the way, had the script of Amy Hennig, also known for being responsible for the libretto of the first three Uncharted. An essential that could return.

The Getaway.

Years ago an authentic war on the genre of the Sandbox, which predominated with difference the new releases as today can do the shooters today. There was GTA, but also titles that planted him face, like The Getaway, who bet on a greater realism and a more cinematographic story. He had his aftermath, and even a project canceled. Sony would say a license that, to return, would make many happy.

Heart of Darkness

It is one of those adventures that have remained a bit in oblivion with the passage of time, but with a wonderful story and development. Andy, a child who hates going to school, escapes class and goes to the park with his dog to see a solar eclipse. There he begins a journey of fantasy and darkness, much harder than it seems for his appable apparent aspect. One of those titles that should be taught in schools of designs and video game development.

TIMESPLITTERS: perfect future

One of the craziest and funny shooters that you are going to face. In this solo FPS rampant dealing on time trips, Future Perfect was largely based on the mood to excel among the crowd at a time when the FPs began to take themselves too seriously. Special mention also to his local cooperative mode of up to 4 players, who had nothing to envy to Goldeneye in his day.


Probably, one of the most influential JRPG of all time, which has been forgotten by Square Enix, but not the hearts of the millions of players who enjoyed him. Many remarkable things, especially their history and the development of it, in which interesting puzzles were mixed. Also, from your options when it comes to modifying weapons, something that is now very common, but in your day I did not have so much development, especially in a console game.

Syphon Filter.

An adventure of action that was able to rival elbow with elbow with Metal Gear Solid, being two referents within the PlayStation Games catalog. A work created by those responsible for the most recent Days Gone , and with which they jumped to fame. With numerous deliveries behind him, Gabe Logan and company have finished being banished to the trilge of memories, but especially the trilogy published on Sony’s first console, it is memorable and we would love to have an excuse to revive it, since it seems that we will not have New delivery


It is the game that exercises as a basis for what is currently the Nier Saga. Apart from his mature proposal and his daring scenes, the first production of Yoko Taro shows his mistakes, but also many successes. Like all the games of the particular creative, it stands out for its narrative. But he also has memorable moments with epic battles that you can not miss, with dragons and all kinds of creatures. It is the classic title that you will love or hate, without average.


PlayStation Plus Premium SUCKS! PS Plus Extra/Premium is Sony's Failure to Compete w/ Xbox Game Pass

Videogames based on movies usually do not have good fame, but there are honorable exceptions, and in PSX we find a lot.
It is Tarzan or this Hercules as the best examples.
We can even also put the big BUNNY Bugs: lost in time , as another legendary platform game.
On this occasion, the Forzudo del Olympo offers a game as simple as incredible, in which it is so fun to avoid all kinds of obstacles such as defeating numerous enemies.


While it may not be striking at first sight, Breath of Fire 3 is a J-RPG with a crazy charm that deserves 1000 times we stop inside.

For his setting, he manages to convey the good roll despite an evident lack of media, his story with good turns and above all, his fishing minigame: often copied, never matched.

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