Reporting, Xbox Game Pass will get a new subscription level

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According to reports, Xbox Game Pass is getting a new subscription level that will be available for those at Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. At this time, Xbox Game Pass is available in three different iterations; One is a subscription only to the service console version, another is exclusive for PC and the third, Game Pass Ultimate, provides subscribers access to both platforms in addition to Xbox Live Gold. And while this structure has worked well for Microsoft so far, the company now seems to be ready to offer a new offer at some time later this year.

According to Center for Windows, Microsoft plans to add a family plan option to Xbox Game Pass. Like other subscriptions that use this style of plan, the family level of Xbox Game Pass would allow subscribers to share access to the platform with those in a single home. Details about when this version of the Xbox Game Pass family plan could not occur with great detail, but it is said that Microsoft will launch this service iteration at a time by 2022.

The report in question continues to mention that the Xbox Game Pass family plan will give access to up to five players different from the game library that Xbox has available. This version of Game Pass will obviously be more expensive compared to the other options currently available, but it will be more economical than having to pay individual subscriptions for each user. However, there are still a lot of questions about the finest details of how this subscription will work. As such, if Microsoft officially announces this new offer of Xbox Game Pass later in the year, we will make sure to provide all the details here at once we know more.

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