Japanese-style rogue Light action “Samurai Library” to the April 21 release. Wear many war technologies and defeat Yamatano Orochi

Our Active Gaming Media Game Publishing Brand PLAYISM announced April 1st, “ Samurai BRinger ” released on April 21st. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PC (Steam). Price is 980 yen.

“Samuri Library” is a Japanese-style rogue action game that fights with a number of police and monsters in a changing stage each time you play. The main character is Arakami Susano. Susano will try to fight against Hakuka University (Yamatanoo Orochi) to save Kushinada who became sacrifice. Susano who has been robbed of his power will be trained re-train while fighting with the spectacles and monsters summoned from the time. He defeats the enemy and stacks the work, and it will challenge the defeat of the Hakken Senge.

The feature of this work is that you can build your own combo action. In the way of the stage, “Warm scroll” can be obtained by defeating an upcoming enemy. From the windings of the war, a war such as mashing or pushing and jumping is acquired. And by combining the battle that you have acquired freely, the original action command is created. Since the stage is automatically generated, the way to the road is different every other enemy, and the battle that can be obtained also changes. Take a number of stages and get various war technologies. Build your own combo.

In the stage, more than 100 legendary powers appear. If you find the war, powerful armors with different effects are available. Not only is the fight, but by equipping it seems to change the visual of Susano. Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune, Masayuki Sanada, will be a warlord warlord, and aim for the defeat of Hakken Senge.

Developing this work is a domestic indie game developer alpha wing. In the past, a windy magic ball has released a tennis battle action game “Gachinko ★ tennis s” that flying on the coat. This work is likewise that 3D graphics like pixel art and a unique battle system will be a work.

“Samuri Library” will be released April 21 for Nintendo Switch / PS4 and STeam.

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