Genshin Impact: All about Version 2.6 «Cefirs of the Violet Garden»

After leaving behind version 2.5 we welcome the next great update of GENSHIN IMPACT with the Patch 2.6 , already available to download and install. It brings a good handful of novelties to the game, but mainly stands out for the arrival of a new area called “La Sima” damage well damage welcoming Kamisato Ayato , Ayaka’s brother, the promotional gaming gachap. Here are all the news that this update brings, in addition to detailing the compensations it provides in the form of protogems and more.

All about version 2.6 of Genshin Impact

  • Compensation : Just to install the update and We will receive up to 900 protogems if we have reached the adventure range 5.

New Area: La Sima

The underground mines of the SIMA will be available for adventure rank players 28 or higher who have completed the archon mission “a new rising star” and the world mission «Rocky keys of the seven stars».

New characters

Kamisato Ayato, “The Vigorous Stratega” (Hydro) 5 ★

  • Vision: Hydro
  • Weapon: light sword
  • Young promise and current leader of the Kamisato clan of the Ydamagehiro Commission. Refined and polite, he always hdamage a way of solving things.
  • With the elementary skill of him, “Kamisato style: reflected beauty”, Kamisato Ayato makes a movement to leave an illusion of water in the original position of him and enter the state of “torrential reflection”. Being formed, the illusion will explode if he is close to an enemy or when he finishes his duration, after he inflicts Hydro damage in the ADE. In this state, Kamisato Ayato attacks quickly with a hydroely and the normal attack damage is transformed into HYDRO damage in the ADE, which can not be replaced by imbuishing of another element.
  • The final ability of him, “Kamisato Style: ACUE GARDEN”, creates a peace garden in which no noise hdamage room. While it is active, in the garden it will continue continuously water rigs that will attack the enemies inside, they will inflict Hydro damage and incredamagee the damage of the normal attacks of the characters within the area.

New domains

Valley between mountains : This ancient altar wdamage buried underground due to the catdamagetrophe that cracked the sky and the earth a long time ago. Its structure refredamageing again with the fall of strange elements to Earth, and finally reappeared with the destruction caused by the fight between two friends who turned against each other. However, nobody goes to this place.

Unlock requirements:

  • Having reached the range of adventure 22 or higher.
  • Have completed the Mission of Arconer «Prologue, Act III: Dragon Song and Freedom».
  • Having complied with the established conditions.

By completing the domain, you can obtain pieces of the “Deceso del Cinnabrio” artifact sets and “Eco of Sacrifice”, among others. Located in La Sima.

New equipment – New weapons

Futsu undulating moon (light sword) 5 ★ : A mdamageterpiece of Futsu School Futsu Forged. His name is due to his resemblance to a violent wave of the sea. Grant a bonus for all types of elementary damage. When the other nearby team characters use an elementary skill, they give 1 load of “aquapue” to the bearer of this weapon. This effect can be accumulated up to 2 times and activated once every 0.3 s. When the character that carries this equipped weapon uses its elementary skill, if you had aquaging loads, it will consume them all and you will get the effect of “ripple”, which incredamagees normal attack damage at a certain amount for 8 s per charge consumed.

New artifacts

Deceso of the cinnabal (4 ★ – 5 ★ ): Set of 2 pieces: Incredamagee the ATQ. Set of 4 pieces: By using the definitive ability, you get the effect of “emerging fldamageh” for 16 S, which incredamagees the ATQ in a given percentage and, in addition, it makes every time the character loses life, his ATQ incredamagees in An additional determined percentage. This effect can only incredamagee the ATQ a maximum of 4 times in this way and activated once every 0.8 s. The emerging fldamageh effects will dissipate if the character is removed from combat. If the character returns to use the definitive ability while this effect is active, the original pop-up fldamageh will also dissipate.

Eco of sacrifice (4 ★ – 5 ★) : Set of 2 pieces: Incredamagee the ATQ. Set of 4 pieces: By hitting an enemy with a normal attack, there is a given probability to activate the effect of “ritual of the valley”, which incredamagees normal attack damage in an amount equivalent to a certain percentage of the ATQ. This effect is canceled 0.05 s after inflicting damage with a normal attack. If this attack does not active ritual of the valley, the probability of activating it with the next normal attack hit incredamagees at a certain percentage. This activation can only occur once every 0.2 s.

New events

Irodori Festival: Participate to invite Xingchiu, “The young Galante” (Hydro)

During the event, you will have to complete a number of orders to help in the organization of the festival. In addition, the “Star Lyric” Games will be unlocked, “Mechanical Arena: Strategic Game”, “Spades Duel” and “Floral Arrangements”. Participate and meet certain requirements to obtain exclusive decorations and recipes, protogems, wisdom crown, talent improvement materials and other rewards. In addition, completes the requirements of “poetic friendship” to invite Xingchiu, “the young gallant” (Hydro).

  • Participation requirements : Having reached the adventure range 30 or higher. Having completed the mission “Ritou’s flight plan” of the Mission of Archon «Chapter II, Act I: The Immutable Goddess and Eternal Utopia».

  • To have a better experience during the event, complete the legendary mission of Kamisato Ayato, Cypressus Custos, “Act I: Leaves fall from the Malvaceae», that of the Shogun Raiden: «Imperatrix Umbrosa, Act II: ephemeral dreams» and the From Sangonomiya Kokomi: «Dracaena Somnolenta, Act I: Renewed Warrior Dreams». If you have not completed the legendary missions of Kamisato Ayato, the Shogun Raiden and Sangonomiya Kokomi, you can participate in the event through the “Start Now” function.

New histories

New Mission of Archon «Chapter II, Act IV: Requiem from the Abyss»: After the update of version 2.6, the Mission of Archon “Chapter II, Act IV: Requiem from the Abyss” will be permanently available.

  • Mission Unlock Requirements : Having reached the Adventure Range 30 or higher. Having completed the Mission of Archon “Chapter II, Act III: omnipresence on mortals.”

New legendary mission

Legendary mission of Kamisato Ayato – Cypressus Custos, “Act I: leaves fall from the malvaceae».

  • Mission Unlock Requirements : Having reached the range of adventure 40 or higher. Have completed the legendary mission of the Shogun Raiden «Imperatrix Umbrosa, Act I: Reflections on mortal». Have completed the world mission «Charter of Chisato».

Genshin Impact 2.6: Violet Evergarden

New world missions

New world missions: «Travel to the center of La SiA», «Stolen by its legitimate owner», «Not detected infiltrates», «The Pdamaget of the Knight of the Summits», «The Millennia Geoarmaada», «Words of a collector», “The request for a muffled fungus,” a company lost in the rock “,” the glow of value “,” lost travelers “,” fungal research “,” aquifer research “,” paleontological research “,” the lost miner ” and many more.

New enemies

  • Snake of the ruins : An ancient automatic machine of unusual damagepect. During combat, it creates muddy protuberances that, in certain situations, absorbs energy to reledamagee a destructive attack. Use the lighting skill of the light channeling to destroy the muddy protuberances that provide power to the ruins serpent, interrupt this attack and make the cores of your body lose energy. Located in La Sima.
  • Black Serpent Knight – Sharpened air : A soldier with an important position in the royal court. When he hits him with his attacks on a character protected by a shield, he consumes a certain amount of his own life to obtain certain bonuses.
  • Flotihongo Hydro: A fungal organism with some intelligence. It hdamage a great capacity to adapt to the environment. The improvement objects that are obtained by defeating the Hydro Flotihongo will be added in the following versions to “Store> Gangdamage de Paimon”.

Other contents

  • 1. New recipes:

○ Specialty of Kamisato Ayato: Serena grace.

○ In the food stalls of Inazuma: Sandwich of Milanese.

○ At the Irodori Festival you can get: Margarita Arcíris.

  • two. New compilation of “challenging – part 5” achievements, “Luminous caves”, and updated achievements in “Wonders of the World”.

  • 3. New cards:

Kamisato Ayato – ripples: obtained when reaching the NIV. 10 Friendship with Kamisato Ayato.

Luminosity – Augete: Reward for reaching the NIV. 10 Strengthening the luminous channeling.

Achievement of Lightning: Reward for completing all the achievements of “challenger – part 5”.

Logro – SIMA: Reward for completing all the achievements of «Luminous caves».

PB – Irodori: obtained damage a reward with PB.

  • 4. New Decoration: Entertainment Device: Vigorous Training: A mechanism carefully manufactured by Gordi that combines a training plate with several training mannequins. You can freely place the training mannequins in a certain area and start the training whenever you want. If you can destroy them all in less than 2 s, you will complete the challenge. Interact with the training plate to see the records.

  • 5. The new function “Luminosity settings” hdamage been added to Settings> Graphics.

  • 6. Now they can pick up radiant girocristals in the regions of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. By obtaining them, you will unlock the music of the inner world in “Melodies of the World”.
  • 7. A new radiant girocracks have been added to the barking spirit of the teapot, you can acquire them by completing the corresponding world mission in Inazuma.
  • 8. By completing the legendary mission of the Shogun Raiden, «Imperatrix Umbrosa, Act II», you can acquire “Pearl de Coral”, “Anguilla” and the artifacts of 2 ★ of the “fortunate” in the new Ritou store.
  • 9. New creatures: fly brillofortuna (capture) and ferret electroazul (captured).
  • 10. New Recolectable Object: Star Fungus.
  • eleven. The “How it is achieved” indicator hdamage been added to some of the improvement objects in the “Adventurer – Jefes” interface.
  • The link function to the improvement objects that are obtained when defeating HYDRO flotihongs will be added in the following versions.
  • 12. Added a new function on mobile platforms to quickly open the equipment settings interface: Press and hold the icon of any character in the main interface to instantly open the computer settings interface.
  • 13. Added some tips on the load screens.
  • 14. New objects to obtain after defeating the emissaries of the abyss and the bards of the abyss: Dark figurine, dawn statuette and depth statuette.
  • fifteen. Spiral of the abyss: anomalous law lines on the 11th floor were adjusted damage follows: All team members get a 75% damage bonus anemum. Upgrade the formation of monsters of floors 11 and 12 of the spiral of the abyss.

damage of the first time that the blessing of the abysmal moon is updated after the reledamagee of version 2.6, there will be 3 phdamagees:

    • Phdamagee 1: Glacial Luna ** / When the character hits an enemy with a normal attack, a devdamagetation mark is applied to said enemy. 10 o After, the brand is annulled to inflict true damage against said enemy. By hitting normal attacks on an enemy affected by the devdamagetation mark, the damage it inflicts when it is annulled incredamagees. This damage can incredamagee up to 9 times.
  • PHdamageE 2: pluvial moon / When a character hits an enemy with his normal attack, the damage that this character inflicts with this attack incredamagees by 12% for 5 s. This effect can be accumulated up to 5 times, the time of each accumulation is calculated independently and can only be activated once every 0.1 s.

  • Phdamagee 3: Iridescent Moon / When inflicting damage against an enemy with a normal attack, depending on the type of elementary damage that wdamage inflicted, the enemy RES to that element is reduced by 6% for 5 s, what which can accumulate a maximum of 7 times. There may at the same time exist several reductions of different RES caused in this way, and the accumulations and duration of each one is calculated independently.

Settings and optimizations


  1. Reduced the damage of the sweeping skill of the pups of Dragarto Geo when they hit a character consecutively.
  2. Optimized the appearance of the Enemy Protodraigar GEO in “File – living beings”.


  1. Optimized ornamental fish icon on the map.
  2. Optimized the presentation of the user interface and the text of the contents to unlock in meetings.
  3. Being in an adventure range less than 30, the “tutorials” button will be found on the main screen.
  4. Added “recently unlocked” to “Tutorials”, will store the 5 most recently unlocked tutorials to facilitate your visualization.
  5. In “Tutorials” the traveler’s reading history will be recorded, and if there is no new entry until the next one that is opened, the ldamaget one you have read will be automatically displayed.
  6. Adjusted the location of the tutorial button in “Living Beings”.
  7. Optimized the order of weapons and artifact materials: both types of materials remain at the end of their respective categories, but have been ordered in lower direction after weapons and artifacts.


  1. Optimized the volume of music in the inner world of relaxatetera.
  2. Optimized the audios in Japanese, Korean and English from the characters or missions.
  3. Audios added for the alternative sets of the Jean characters, “Anemo), Amber,” The Flight Champion “(Pyro), Rosaria,” The Blessed Blessed “(Cryo) and Mona,” The Observer of the damagetros “(Hydro). Travelers can switch to changing room characters in “Characters> Wardrobe” to reproduce the corresponding audios.


  1. The text of the “Exit” download button on the login interface is replaced by “Stop Download”. In addition, the description of the text of the related functions hdamage been optimized.
  2. In the kinematics of version 2.6 and previous versions, the appearance of Jean, Amber, Rosaria and Mona will adjust the style of alternative sets.
  3. Optimized the effects of the kinematics of the archon mission “for the Indigo Shadow”.
  4. Optimized the details of the movement effects of the Kaeya character, “the glacial swordsman” (Cryo), in “characters> weapons”.
  5. Optimized the logic of persecution of 15 characters and four large enemies: King Golden Stalking, Stormterror, Ruin Snake (new enemy of version 2.6) and Herd of Dragartos from the depths.
  6. After rebooting the spiral of the abyss on April 1, the final artifact sets of the Gladiator and errant orchestra obtained from the domain artifact chests – category 1 and domain artifact chests – category 2 damage Reward of levels 9 – 12 will be replaced by the damagesemblies of kinabrid and echo of sacrifice.
  7. Optimized the sensitivity of the controller in the meetings interface.
  8. Optimized the display of the controller indications on some interfaces: hide the indications of the controller buttons for other levels other than the current one.
  9. Added a new combination of buttons on the main screen to quickly activate the relevant functions on the menu wheel when the controller is used.
  10. Adjusted the height of the disc in some domains.
  11. ADJUSTMENT The description of the achievements of “Liyue: The Port of Stone and the Contracts”. Progress related to the exploration of Liyue and SIMA zones will be counted separately in the set of achievements “luminous caves”.

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