Windows Turbo: Microsoft switches genial Xbox

The Xbox Series X and Series S has been mastering it since your release, Windows finally pulls. Director Store should radically shorten the loading times of games, but who wants to get the most out of the new technology, may have to swallow a bitter pill.

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Long loading times always provide frustration with PC players. Since the advent of SSDs, this has been greatly reduced, but there is more. That sees at least Microsoft so. To achieve this goal, the company has developed a memory interface called DirectorGtorage, which is already used in the Xbox-Series consoles and there the start of games significantly accelerated .

Now the feature has finally found its way to the PC. In an official blog entry, Microsoft is familiar with the fact that Windows games can now rely on Direct Store ** and released the corresponding software development kit.

The feature is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems, making sure that memory access is optimized (Source: DirectX Developer Blog). This is not only reflected in faster loading times and less uplinking textures, but also relieves the processor and can thus potentially provide more power.

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Maximum performance is only available with Windows 11

However, PC players should pay attention to two things: Direct support should increase the performance of all storage media, but only owners of a NVME SSD can draw. According to Microsoft, the rapid SSDs can be observed to monitor the greatest performance growth.

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Whoever wants to get the absolute maximum from directstorage technology, has to upgrade or evil on Windows 11 . Although the function is also available to Windows 10 users, while Microsoft offers some additional optimizations that further increase the effect of Direct Control.


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Robert Schanze

Should developers in the future be based on Direct Store, the player in shorter loading times and sometimes even a better performance should be noticeable. The future-role-playing foresken in autumn should belong to one of the first games that support the new technology.

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