Token Transactions and NFT, Browners Global Version P2E Introduction

Like the domestic major game history, Neowu is also developing a P2E business based on a block chain. It holds a professional subsidiary of the block chain, and last February opened the platform ‘Neopin’, a block chain. However, the number of points game was small compared to the competitors, and the browners that are evaluated as a typical box of the Neowiz mobile game are joined.

Neowiz said on the 29th that he said on a brownerist online showcase that has been through its official YouTube. The core is that gaming goods, characters, etc. can be traded and cash.

First, open a new server ‘brave’ with a block chain element in April. On this server, the content is the same as the existing server, but there is a smelter that replaces the game goods into tokens. The game of the game obtained through play ‘purified Terra’ can be changed to ‘brave tokens’ from the smelter, and the brave token can be replaced with the Neopin token in the platform Neotin, Neowiz block. And the neopine token can be exchanged with real currency.

In addition, in the third quarter, a game character and a rune (capability equipment) are opened in NFT format. With the NFT exchange, you can exchange characters and runes with the brave token, and the brave token can be cashed through the neopin. First, it is considered to provide a new character ‘mythology’ and ‘myth rune’, which are added to this server in April, and to expand its scope later. And the mythic mercenary and myth rune can be obtained as a ‘purified terra’ that can be exchanged with the token introduced earlier.

In order to organize, it is aiming to exchange game goods, dedicated tokens, characters, and build economies, which are blocked, which can be cashed. For the reasons for introducing P2E on the browner, Neowiz Kim Jong-ho, “I wanted to provide a long period of service for a long period of time to the users, and the structure of our games, the fact that we have a high-end solution, Judged. Through this, I thought I could preserve the value fairly for the character. ” However, in Korea, P2E games do not provide a block chain service because they are illegal, and open first to global global global.

In addition, three new new work based on browners update plans and browners were released. First, the 5th anniversary update is held on April 21 and the previously introduced mythical mercenaries, mythology, and new campaigns are added. Shinhwa mercenaries are ‘horrible’ and ‘Belly Frelia’, and the myth rune is applied to the new ability personnel and penalties.

In the second quarter, the counter mode is added and the chaotic door is started. In the third quarter, new legendary mercenaries, new campaigns, mercenary transcendence, which enhance existing mercenaries, and the island reorganization of mystery are conducted. In the fourth quarter, new PVP mode, new guild raid boss is added and the World Boss is reorganized.

Finally, three browners were released. The solid world viewed to the original strength is highly illustrated, and the original combat fun was saved to provide new fun with a variety of genres. In addition, it is prepared to be a title that can easily play without stress without complementing the original disadvantages that are unique, but it is difficult to learn.

First, the Brown Street Story was a key to the core that the “Visual Nobel RPG” was a mercenary number than the original as the theme. In the summer of this year, the test or advance reservation is carried out in the summer of May. The brownerist puzzle then combines the 3-match puzzle and RPG to deal with the process of releasing the puzzle using mercenaries with different abilities. Release schedules are announced later. Finally, unpublished new “Browners 2 (tentative) ‘was first announced through teaser video.

“About Browners, Neowiz Kim Seung-cheol joint delegation is” a variety of efforts to expand and develop their main asset browner, “he said,” he said, “Through new fun, new fun on Browners, I will show you. “

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