The Walking Dead: New Negan, Old Greed: This happens in The Rotten Core (S11 E14)

The Walking Dead - Episode 11x14
On behalf of a much to rich man, a group of intrepid heroes must be a zombie-absorbing area to steal a lot of money. No, we tell not the plot of Army of the Dead , but the current episode of The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core (S11E14). At least one part of it. In addition, “The Rotten Core” also answers the question: How does the situation develop in Riverbend?

ENS With the arrival of Maggie and her pleasures, it looks anything but good for Carlson. More serious for Maggie is the reunion with Negan. The residents of Riverbend have not only recorded him, The Walking Dead: Negan has changed a lot. Source: AMC / Disney He also married and expects a child. How much time the child spends with his father, a little later is the question as Negan Maggies Son Hermshel Save in front of the Commonwealth soldiers and find out Hershel who is obviously strange man.

Hershel finds a pistol and directed to Negan. But he manages to defuse the situation by explaining the boy that the noise of the shot would make the Commonwealth soldiers alert to all others. Hershel lets the pistol sink. Later, Negan promises him that if he is waiting for a few years until he grow up, then can regulate everything. It is easier to end the end of Carlson. Aaron shoots him from the roof and only hurt him so much that Carlson can experience how the dead residents come to him.

Daryl, Rosita and the money ****

While Maggie tries to arrange with the new Negan situation, Daryl and Rosita are recruited for a special order outside the walls of the Commonwealth. As it turns out, Sebastian Milton wants the house of an old known venison. There it should be supplies, drugs and especially money. When Sebastian threatens her children, Daryl and Rosita finally match. While sneaking into the building, they note that they are not the only ones who sent Sebastian. Of the about 30 people who have so far tried on the burglary, exactly one survived. April, so her name, will also be a victim of zombies. The Walking Dead: How much does Lance Hornsby from Sebastian Milton’s projects? Source: AMC / Disney

Darly and Rosita do it with the money back outside, also thanks to Mercer and Carol, which are followed by the two. Although both Sebastian Milton Methods condemned Mercer, but still advises him to give him the money, otherwise he becomes angry. Back in the Commonwealth, Carol Lance is looking for Hornsby to tell him about Sebastian’s private trip. To her surprise, Lance knows – he even helped Sebastian.

While the glittering façade of the Commonwealth loses more and more gloss, a question remains unclear: Who actually has the weapons that Lance misses so much? The characters may not know yet, the audience is at the end of “The Rotten Core” smarter. There is no one other than Leah, who has opened an invoice with the survivors.

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