Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Ultimate Edition Review – God Busting Goodness

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadire is a RPG that was originally published on PC in 2018, and now the Ultimate edition is available on PS4 and Xbox One. In Pillars of Eternity II, your quest is to follow a god and send it. How is it for a game story hook?

There is so much content in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire that we could literally move from weeks to document what it is and all the ways to play on the game. The task of this magazine is to condense everything The fantastic RPG content that Obisidian’s developers piled up in this game. PoE2 takes place in the world of Eora, introduced for the first time in the original PoE game. You play the game as a character known as Watcher. Before the poe2 events, you faced an almost immortal being – Thaos IX Arkannon – who had perpetrated a plague after the fall of the God – Eothas. Although you managed to defeat Thaos, the conflict took your life mortal and your soul moved to the astral plan of the afterlife. Your quest seemed over but the God, Eothas, was resurrected and it is your duty to ship it. You are resurrected and responsible for following the Eothas in the world.

In PoE2, the world widens when you leave the continent and browse through the Deadfire archipelago. The magic exists in this world in the form of crystals will adhere channeling the soul. POE2 extends this magic with the addition of light Adra, which is found only in the Deadfire archipelago. This variant of the Crystal Adra is so powerful that it shines and can affect the weather. This, and other properties, make the ADRA luminous a very sought after product.

Обзор игры Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
Created with the Unity game engine, Obisidian has strongly customized the engine to push it to its limits. The experience gained when developing the first PoE game has been used to explode this game with dynamic backgrounds. PoE games are designed to look like table role plays by placing 3D character models in hand-painted 2D backgrounds. Not only does this mix of artistic methods recreated the table view, but it allows lush, rich and detailed screens, as shown by screenshots. In PoE2, the backgrounds come alive while the trees and the foliage sway in the wind, the creatures rush and the shadows of the clouds move through the landscape.

PoE2 looks great, but great graphics do not necessarily make a good game. The news is good here, because Obsidian has based the game on the rules of Dungeons and Dragons, a widely accepted standard for fantastic role plays. According to these rules, POE2 supports two types of combat: in real time with pause or turn per turn as the grandfather of the CRPG game, Baldur’s Gate.

Flexibility is the keyword here. The game allows the player a great freedom in setting the settings to give him a gaming experience adapted to his favorite tastes. This includes the customization of the character and the world. You will travel by sailboat and will appoint your ships and see these names on the sides of your ships. As a real explorer, you can name islands and show these names on cards. The leveling of the characters is not limited to gaining fighting but also to search. You can advance a character just as easily by shattering or chatting with your enemies.

Obsidian also changed the camera’s point of view to keep it centered on the character on which the game is focused. Your treatment of 5 NPCs that make up your group is also taken into account in the gameplay and is changed according to the beliefs of your companion and its own personal interests. Relationships will evolve and change with time; Friendships will be deepened or broken and falling in love is also a possibility. Speaking of other characters – whether they are friends or enemies – you can customize the amount of manual intervention you want compared to the automation of actions.

To support all of these extended features, Obisidian extended the character level limit from 12 to 20. This limit increase allows extensive skills and capacities and also supports several subclasses of characters. The progression of the characters is exploring the world, looking for, by combating and, above all, making choices. An important part of POE2 also deals with ships and combat management. The fight includes not only the fighter action of ship, but also bridge bridge, which takes place in the same way as the player’s combat choice for terrestrial combat. This is a whole new dynamic not found in PoE.

To dive further the player in the game world, the game does not leave on the audio side. PoE2 has twice the PoE orchestral music, totaling more than 90 minutes more than 30 minutes of seafood organized by Nils Brown, who made the Music of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – Another game strongly on the naval gameplay. Add to that that all conversational dialogs are expressed and you have an incredibly large audio canvas.

This edition of POE2 contains the three main DLCs created for the game: Beast of Winter, The Forgotten Sanctum and Seker, Slayer, Survivor. In addition to these extensions, PoE2 includes a host of too many quality of life benefits to be named as well as all free DLCs.

Overall, a staggering amount of content and the PC port at the PS4 are carried out in no time, and navigation in the menus is managed as well as during the passage of the mouse and keyboard to the Dualshock. However, the loading time is a matter of concern. The consoles are notoriously slow to load games or backups at stake, so a game like POE2, which contains huge world cards and tons of variables, does not load quickly. The owners of PS4 certainly will suffer from endless charges, but the owners of PS4 pro get away slightly better.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a play beast. The amount of content is amazing, and we can certainly play for hours and hours. Obsidian has made additional kilometers to create a fantastic immersive RPG adventure and really delivered. You are for a deep experience but, Caveat Emptor, you will have to devote yourself to learning not only the subtleties of Eora but also the POE2 gameplay mechanisms.


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