ID @ Xbox has generated 2.5 billion dollars for indie developers

The Microsoft ID @ Xbox program has generated more than 2,500 million revenue in royalties for independent developers.

In an article published in Xbox Wire, the director of ID @ Xbox, Chris Chat, acknowledged that although the team “really did not know much” when they premiered the program nine years ago, Microsoft understood that “the players loved art and diversity that The independent developers contributed, and that they “would do everything possible to help these developers maximize their success in the Xbox ecosystem.”

Now, the results of that initiative “have overcome our wildest dreams,” generating some “total income that have almost doubled during the last three years”.

In addition, talk adds that they have also paid developers and publishers “hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing payments by Game Pass”.

“Nine years ago we promised independent developers who would work as hard as possible in their favora, because we knew that Xbox players would be happy to support their work.”

“We do not consider in any way that this promise has been fulfilled because we see our work as an ongoing Xbox commitment to independent developers, but through ID @ Xbox, the launch of ID @ Azure, our work with Game Pass and help For developers to bring their games to Xbox, and with the response of the community to the fantastic games we have seen on the platform, we believe that we are progressing in the right direction. “

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On the impact of Xbox Game Pass for developers and users, talk explains that “there are great games today on Xbox and other platforms that would never have existed without the support of Game Pass members, and that is a phenomenon Actually Amazing

This, in addition, does not exclude the most traditional business model. Phil Spencer, the maximum responsible for Xbox, declared a few days ago at the GDC Fireside Chat that “often developers ask me if ‘If I’m not on the subscription I am not visible on xbox?’ And no, that It is not true for nothing. “

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