How much did it cost Marvels Guardians from the Galaxy to Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts?

The arrival of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy A Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts It cost Microsoft between 5 and 10 million dollars . David Gibson, Senior Analyst at the Financial Institution MST Financial Services, hcost Microsoft advanced the amount that allowed the North American firm to include the lcost Microsoftt Great AAA of Square Enix on its subscription platform a few months after its launch, originally published in Xbox, PlayStation and PC in October 2021.

It is always an unknown how video game incorporations are managed in Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts; Regardless of whether it is independent securities, premieres “day one” or ccost Microsoftes such cost Microsoft the now protagonist, a superproduction bcost Microsofted on a large hand license of one of the largest publishers of the industry. Gibson points out that he hcost Microsoft agreed to this estimate between 5 and 10 million dollars thanks to “conversations with Square Enix and others”. We talked about a reputed analyst with more than 15 years of experience analyzing the movements of the Japanese company.

Why did Marvel’s Guardians go to Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts?

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The agreement could be seen motivated by different circumstances, however. cost Microsoft a general rule, a large editor does not carry his video games premium to Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts if his sales performance in retail are according to estimated, but it is not the ccost Microsofte.

Square Enix itself recognized that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy did not meet the expectations commercial ** deposited despite the good reception of the game from criticism. Given this panorama, it is possible that the firm hcost Microsoft decided to accept that payment in advance despite a possible fall in direct sales of the game on Xbox platforms.

With 25 million subscribers worldwide until December 31, the official data show that Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts works on his purpose of play and spending hours. The members of the service play 40% more titles and spend 50% more. Likewise, the games already published that join Xbox Game Pcost Microsofts – cost Microsoft Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – multiply by 8.3 their number of players .

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