[GDC 2022] NFT yesterday and today, and tomorrow

The third day of GDC 2022 from March 22, the ultimate manager of WMADIDIDIDIDIDIDILE has climbed on the past and present, and the future of NFT.

One. Early NFT

The Choi Chang-Ri manager has released the weakness of the NFT and began a lecture. ‘Non-Fungible Tokens (not replaced tokens)’ Past, that is, the initial NFT, is not to be ‘NF’, that is, it is impossible to be replaced. All NFTs can be identified, whether they are uniqueness, and identify them. I can not add or subtract something.

In the initial NFT game, it was noted for NFT’s invariant. Gamers could purchase NFTs through the NFT market, which could be used in the game. Gamers were able to enjoy the game, create a new NFT, and FT could be fed. Alternatively, it was possible to obtain the NFT as a residue. Most of the initial NFT games have shown this form.

A typical example is ‘Cryptoki’ and ‘Accipiniti’. In Cryptokiti, gamers could use Kitty NFT to make a new generation of kitty. In Excinity, I was able to make a team to create a team with three species, and I was able to compensate to the token according to the results. In these games, NFT has become a requirement to start the game.

2. Recent NFT

On the other hand, recent trends are somewhat different. In recent years, NFT-related games have been more focused on the attributes of ‘tokens’, not the NFT ‘replaced’ attribute. In a block chain economy, the ‘token’ has several meanings, where the important thing is that the token is ‘verified’ and is a flexible and trading asset.

Therefore, in recent NFT games, gamers do not force NFT retention. It is also possible to play the game that you own NFT, but you can play the game, get a new NFT during the game or to convert the key elements. There are a few possibilities in this respect.

NFT markets that trade NFT are present as separate concepts in addition to the game. Because of, unique assets such as game items and characters are easy to cash, and market users may not be able to purchase NFT in advance, or may not be able to start the game in advance, or may not be able to start the game. As a result, the NFT market in addition to the game is more activated, which gives more synchronization to all games and gamers that share the same block system.

3. In the future NFT game

If the initial NFT game was noticed to ‘NF’ and the recent trend is focusing on ‘T’, the future is inevitable to fusion of these two characteristics. In this concept of this ‘multi-Yuz’, NFT can be used as other games in one game. NFT reconciliations in multiple MMORPG games are NFT reconciliations and use them as elements of lace games in new games.

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Mir 4 and ‘Mirage’ are the relationship. ‘Mirror’ belonging to the economic system, such as Mir 4, is a separate game, but it can be used for game topped with the character NFT of Mir 4. In this case, the gamer can be staying in a mirror of the character NFT or competing with other users.

In another method, there is a combination with DEFI. NFT has a variety of forms, but it has a property such as common tokens because it is a ‘token’ that is used in the economic system anyway or a block chain. It means that the DEFI, which is a financial service using a virtual currency, can be used enough.

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