Bridge Builder addresses Tabletop

The popular mobile game constructor of bridges is receiving a board table game. Advertised earlier this week, Constructor bridge: Rupture point is a new board game that presents players trying to build bridges with less than reliable material. The game will combine the placement of mosaics, the management of hands and the mechanics of pressing your luck while the players try to build a bridge sufficiently resistant and cross the greatest amount of vehicles before the time runs out. The game will be published by Master Media, the creator of The Union of Isaac: four souls. The game will be launched through Kickstarter in September, with a commercial launch also planned.

Constructor of bridge is a popular videogame that, as its name suggests, it is about building bridges. The game jumped to popularity for the first time in 2014 thanks to a Viral Reddit publication, which led him to reach the first place on the list of the best selling Apple App Store. The Headup Games editor has launched several versions of the bridge, _ with recent cross-launches with PORTAL and _The living dead.

In a press release that announced the game, Master Media explained why they took the game to Kickstarter. «With Constructor of bridges Being such a creative and inventive concept, there are infinite possibilities for the mechanics of the game and a plethora of other aspects of the game, and we wanted to find a way to explore all these areas,” said Javon Frazier, Executive Director and Founder From average teacher, in the press release. “We are using Kickstarter as a way to work with the original game fans to make the version of the table the version they want to play and incorporate their ideas into the final product. From our experience, crowdfunding is the perfect method to do precisely that. “

Constructor bridge: Rupture point was designed by Jeb Havens, the manufacturer of the Critical PAPEL -Ematic game UKA’TOA.

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Please listen to more details about the game in the coming months.

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