Steam Gift: Get a free SciFi action

It’s time again: You can dust a completely free game on Steam. This time, Publisher Digital Matters Publishing will be donating its action game KEO in the early access phase. In it you can deliver fast car vapors in a postal-pokalyptic future. What exactly the Battle Game is exactly, let’s look at more closely.

Steam surprise: Save a free game

On Steam a new Free Game Round starts and you can get the action racing game Keo this time. In it you have to deliver fat car battles. Play area is a post-pokalyptic sci-fi world. Check out the fast spectacle once in this trailer :

What awaits you in KEO?

In KEO, you are in pure multiplayer matches to third against other teams. So it is a washfast online game. In addition to the action-chargeed fighting, you must also take care of the composition of your companion.

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There are 6 vehicle classes and so far 24 different weapons , including rocket launchers, plasma rays and more. In the early access phase are so far two modes included: Classic Team Deathmatch and Domination, where your outpost has to take your team with your team.

If you want to secure KEO, you should not wait too long by the way: the action game is only up to the 27. March at 19 o’clock available free of charge. The developers point out on the Steam side that you should visit the European servers best from 20 to 22 o’clock .

The Steam players miss the game a mixed rating . They see a lot of potential in KEO and experience the fighting as very fun, but the scope and content of the game are still very sparse. The long waiting times in matchmaking lead to frustration.

You may be able to correctly correct the number of players with the free action, so that at least the last problem is resolved.

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