PlayStation 5: Xbox Game Pass

As Bloomberg reported with relation to persons familiar with the plans, the Game Pass Competitor scheduled by Sony could be officially presented next week.

At the service whose start is scheduled according to previous reports for this spring, it should be a combination of PlayStation NOW and PlayStation Plus.

In addition, three different stages of the subscription for owners of a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 should be available.

These are said of online gaming and monthly titles (level 1) over a large gaming catalog, however, however, from which FirtS party productions will not be included directly to the start (level 2), to trial versions for new games, games streaming and one Library Classic Playstation Games (Level 3) rang.

Can Sony Compete With Xbox Gamepass? We’ll Find Out Soon.
According to Venturebeat-Journalist Jeff Grubb, the different levels could look like this:

“At the moment you are called, Essential ‘,’ Extra ‘and’ Premium ‘. The pricing might turn a placeholder, but prices are $ 10 per month for the Essential, $ 13 a month for extra and $ 16 a month for premium. “

“For Premium 16 US Dollars a Month… Do you get all games? Not really… it’s like EA Play. You get trial versions of the full versions. I do not know if this applies to every single game that comes out, but it seems. “

“You also receive classic games and streaming. None of the other levels will contain cloud streaming. “

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