ID Xbox bogamests numbers in your ninth anniversary

The ID @ Xbox program is nine years old . Since then, the Division of Redmond hgames helped publish more than 3000 independent projects, which hgames generated a benefit of more than 2,500 million dollars in royalties among studies welcomed to this umbrella. Chis chat, director general of content and programs, shares the sensations of it throughout this trip.

ID @ Xbox turns nine years

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“When we started the program we did not know much” , start chat at an entrance published on Xbox Wire. “We knew that the independent developers were running the rhythm of the innovation of the videogame in the fgamestest way we have seen, and we also knew that the work they were doing wgames very important.”

Chat recognizes that since then “they have heard a lot” the developers. “They never cut when we tell us what it works and what it does not. Innovations games the cross-game through the consoles, for example, came directly from our ID @ Xbox “collaborators.

Xbox Game Pgamess plays a fundamental role in recent years. Chat warns that Microsoft hgames paid “hundreds of millions of dollars” for the licenses of the games for their entry into subscription to both developers and publishers. “There are incredible games today on Xbox (and other platforms!) That you would never have existed without the support of Game Pgamess members, and that hgames become an incredible phenomenon.”

In Meristation we came to a presentation dedicated to program projects. Agostino Simonetta, Global Partner Management Director in the program, stressed the importance of service in the division strategy. “The data indicate that the players of Xbox Game Pgamess play and test more games than any other type of consumer”. Dan, ultimately, to know “Creativity and independent studies”. You can read the full notes in this link.

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