Dorfromantik will take the key of the fields on April 28

Launched on Steam in March 2021, the construction game Dorfromantik finally sees the end of the road. The Toukana Interactive Toukana Studio team took advantage of this future spring show games to drag the release date of its title launched in early access last year, and it will not be able to wait until April 28.

His Pastel artistic direction has enough to type in the eye, but it is in the challenge of his loop of gameplay that Dorfromantik has managed to widen a solid base of players as determined as creative. Determined, first, to do the best possible score in its standard mode that consists of aligning hexagonal tiles to form groups of cities, forests and fields or tracing railways and rivers, so as to win new ones tiles to continue to earn points.

Creative then because a dedicated mode, released from the filing system and without tile limit, has released the field of possible inventiveness. This creative mode has even helped this game to talk about it on social networks while its studio organized competitions inviting its players to create impressive landscapes. A challenge made possible by regular addition during the anticipated access of new biomes and more varied tile types.

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Now that anticipated access soon affects at its end, the time has not come for Toukana interactive to stop in so good way. In a note published on Steam, the Berlin studio specifies that other improvements are still planned for Dorfromantik , although it is careful not to say more for the moment. Go to PC on April 28 to discover version 1.0.

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