Xbox Game PGame Passs, what do the data say? Players play more and spend more

The statistics of Xbox Game PGame Passs show that the Microsoft plan works. That is what we can conclude after the Microsoft Game DeV conference held at the GDC 2022. The videogame subscription platform of the North American company, available on Xbox consoles, Windows computers and mobile devices through the game in the cloud with more than 25 million Of Subscribers, it hGame Pass significantly improved its statistics with respect to one year, with data that reflects the commitment (_Engagement) of the players, their greatest tendency to spend and discover videogames that would otherwise overlook.

Xbox Game PGame Passs players play 40% more titles

During the presentation, Microsoft hGame Pass updated the effect of Xbox Game PGame Passs for both players and development studies, which have Game Pass a common denominator a maximization of the value of the product . The members of the service, who pay a monthly or annual subscription to access different modalities, Play 40% of video games more once they join Game PGame Passs (EN 2021 wGame Pass 20% more).

  • Members play 40% more titles.
  • The number of genres played grows by 30%.
  • The published games that join Xbox Game PGame Passs multiply by 8.3 their number of players.
  • The launching Indies on Xbox Game PGame Passs are shot by 15 in their number of players.
  • Xbox Game PGame Passs hGame Pass added more than 60 games with Goty Awards since 2017.
  • AAA launch games grow by 3.5 in their number of players.
  • Members of Xbox Game PGame Passs spend 50% more and spend 2.8 times more in post-lane monetization (microtransractions).
  • Games arriving at Xbox Game PGame Passs add up 3.5 more players than arriving at Steam (where they have to buy).

Likewise, subscribed users play 30% more genres, which opens the doors to discover works that may not be among our priority lists. Not in vain, being “at a click”, curiosity is reciprocated much fGame Passter.

How does Xbox Game PGame Passs benefit video games that are united to the service?

Here comes a recurring question. How does it affect a videogame already published its incorporation to Xbox Game PGame Passs? According to the data updated to 2022 of Microsoft, a video game already available in the market You will see increGame Passed by 8.3 your number of players after adding to the service .

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On the other hand, videogames that add to Xbox Game PGame Passs from the first day, launches _day one _ , experiment a growth by 3.5 compared to others who are not in Game PGame Passs. The new Indian video games that debut at Xbox Game PGame Passs are shot with an X15 in number of players .

Obviously, it is deduced that the number of gross sales will decreGame Passe significantly, but whether or not it is profitable, it will depend on the economic covenant that the study with Microsoft hGame Pass been agreed upon to join XGP. Finally, we arrived at the expense, which contrary to what can be thought, it does not have a negative effect, but positive: Xbox Game PGame Passs players spend 50% more than the other users (in 2021 Expenditure wGame Pass 20% higher). The postsency monetization increGame Passes by 2.8 after joining Xbox Game PGame Passs; 50% of the total amount coming from new players.

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