Ubisoft holds MMR in Rank 2.0 of Rainbow Six Victories “Invisible”.

The introduction of Azami and Operation Demon Veil is only the beginning of a stacked year full of Rainbow Six victory content and updates from Ubisoft. After the exciting revelation, which will come through the RAADMAP of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7, The PC players 24 voice with Ubisoft about what fans can expect from the new ranking system that is expected to be introduced in Y7S3.

The new ranking system of Rainbow Six Victory, which is called “Ranking 2.0”, will abolish placement games and separate their rank and their skills. This will create a worthwhile experience, the players who want to rise in the rains of Rainbow Six Wicture should provide a better sense of progress.

However, there is a great change that will certainly curl some springs. When asked if players could see their capability evaluation in the game, something that is currently available in the ranking system of victories, Associate Game Director Aurélien Chiron announced that it will be “invisible”.

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“The MMR numbers will be invisible. Although we originally planned that they should be visible, we have examined many options to land on the best ranking 2.0. We believe that our new progress system will protect and reward the skills of our players and will have to share more at a later date. “

The capability assessment of a player to keep invisible, feels like a largely cosmetic change, but why does ubisoft take more meaningful changes and also revises the ranking system of Rainbow Six victories? Chiron explains that “the current rank system is not a progress system, but is perceived as one”.

The current ranking system “is a skill system,” says Chiron. “It tries to find the ability of each player as soon as possible, the victory plays… Your rank corresponds to your ability.” This allegedly creates a bad experience for “players who do not play a lot or [players that] are in relation to the Skills below average “and led to the reinterpretation of this competitive mode.

Improvements in year 7 focusing on your experience:

???? Rollout of the reputation system for reducing toxicity.
???? New ranking 2.0 with a better feeling for the climb. pic.twitter.com/qwel2jj0zp

  • Rainbow Six Siege (@ rainbow6game) 20. February 2022

The biggest difference will be the fact that “rank and ability to be two different values ​​in the new system”. Chiron explains that “Skills Fair Matches ensure [Take Place] and their rank begins with copper and tries to catch up with their skills. This means that “a player probably will not achieve diamond rank without the skills of a diamond”.

However, there will be more opportunities for players to earn rewards throughout the new ranking system. Chiron has revealed that there will be “a reward in each division in every rank” – and that they will stack. This means that players who achieve platinum 3, for example, receive rewards for platinum 3, platinum 4 and platinum 5 down to copper 5.

All this sounds like a promising improvement of the current ranking system of victories, but it’s hard to say how effectively it will be without further information. Keep an eye on the official sources to get more information in the coming months.

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