The Birdwatcher table game is announced

A new game about photographing birds arrives at the board games stores. Observer of birds is a new game published by Oni Games and Renegade Game Studios in which players try to attract birds outdoors so they can be photographed by points. Players can perform three actions in each turn, which include calling birds to the “player tree”, take pictures of a bird and publish findings on a bird to maximize the points. Players can also use their zoom lens to take pictures of birds sitting on the tree of another player, or venture into the jungle to remove the desired bird. All birds are represented by cards with illustrations of Lauren Helton, a scientific illustrator of the Institute of Populations of Birds. Observer Aves was designed by Zakir Jafry and admits from 1 to 5 players.

Surprisingly, observadora of birds is not the first game that consists of observing birds. One of the largest board games in recent memory, _envergura, _ is about attracting birds to specific natural reserves to earn victory points. A key difference between _NeverGadura and Bester of birds is that the first is a game construction game in which the players build combined chains, while _ Birdservator focuses on the collection of sets. Given that the popularity was partly due to the amount of bird enthusiasts that were launched to the hobby to play a game about their favorite feathered friends, it seems that _Bester of birds has the potential to be a sleeping success.

Birdwatcher - BoardGameGeek How To Play

_ Birdservator of birds was originally financed through a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall, where it raised more than $ 50,000. However, the game now has planned a broader retailer by the end of this year. You can book the game at Renegade Games. The game will have a retail price of $ 40.00.

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