Marvel has the windsuit, it’s not a scoop, but for several months, there has been a multiplication of partnerships to enjoy the Hype around the superheroes created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. As we learn the arrival of the Marvel Unlimited service in the Xbox Game Pass Unlimited (a limited offer in time however), that Razer announces us to have done a collaboration with Microsoft and Marvel to offer a collector’s handle with Captain’s colors America, but in his version Sam “Falcon” Wilson. Necessarily, with the death of Steve Rogers in the MCU and the relay passage with his friend and teammate in the Disney + “Falcon and the winter soldier” series, the inspiration of the new Captain America could only come from his Last suit.

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Even if the latter is quite questionable in its final rendering in the series, it is from this base that this collector’s manager was performed. So we find this marriage between the white, blue and red colors, knowing that it is the plastron part of the suit that is shown on the joystick. History to go further, a fast charging station also comes with, and it allows to continue the design of Captain America, with the graphic elements of the shield that we find on, namely the star of the American flag. Of course, we find all the elements of the classic controller, like the grips on either side of the joystick for a perfect grip. It also realizes that on the back, the Captain America logo has been placed at the location of the batteries. Of course, since it is a limited edition joystick, the price has been inflated and we will have to pay less than $ 179.99 to try to get it. We said “try”…

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