Will Coromon get a physical edition?

The debut game TRAGSOFT, COROMON, comes out on March 31, 2022. This Japanese role-playing game with monsters is inspired by the Pokémon series, Legend of Zelda and Golden Sun. It is produced in digital form for PC and Nintendo Switch, but you may be interested, whether Coromon will receive physical edition.

There will be no physical version of Coromon at startup on the march. November 31, 2022. The only way to play Coromon on the day of launch is to buy a digital game game. However, the developers said in the official Coromonthegame AMA on Reddit, which they would like to release the physical edition for Coromon and study it.

When will the physical version of Coromon appear?

Without time and price Since physical edition was disclosed, so now the question of whether the physical edition of Coromon will be hanging in the air. Physical editions like both collectors and gamers, as they can easily lend, resell or remove the game from their platform.

Therefore, if you want to get a physical version of Coromon, you will have to wait until the launch is needed at all. This means that you may need to buy Coromon twice if you want to get a physical version and play when starting.

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