NEW WORLD: Global happiness and collection

In general, luck in online role-playing games can never hurt, for example when it comes to random lot or critical hits in struggling. In the Amazon MMORPG New World is luck but even an important attribute that can increase it for example about equipment or pearls.

But how does the happiness system in Aeternum concrete? And what is the difference between collecting happiness and global luck? Apparently, therefore, many questions about this topic with the developers of Amazon Games are struck that they have written a comprehensive guide plus FAQ in the official New World Forum.

What is global luck?

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If your items find in a chest or drops something from a monster, global happiness increases the chance that the behaves obtained are named (in weapons and ammunition) or rare (construction plans or chests). This applies to all killed creatures, open storage camps, chests, containers and elite brooms.

The attribute increases the potential for objects with a low drop chance such as plans, high level chests, weapons with names and clothing. A higher challenge will definitely increase your chances, but each drop is regarded by the others independently. There are statistically no guarantee that a particular item is drooping after a fixed number of experiments. However, this does not apply to specific equipment boxes that you get to ending wars, invasions, outdoor post tower and from corruption cracks.

Here are some low-drop items where global happiness helps you.

  • Unique armor of expedition bosses
  • Well-known weapons
  • Recipes
  • Bauplains
  • Rare resources
  • Trophies materials

Global luck has a direct impact on your ability to get objects with a small drop chance and named objects that you receive by defeating opponents and opening chests, such as the Lazarus Bow, if your cillar defeats, or timeless splinters From elite chests.

What is a collective happiness?

When players doing wood, breaking stones / ore, harvesting or skins, increases the chance to get the chance to get extra, rare materials. Collecting happiness that you receive by tool bonus or foodbuffs has no influence on the amount of items collecting. However, it increases the chance that different, rare items appear.

There are some rare resources such as fairy ore and wyrd wood juice, which you can only receive when your collection is owned. When it comes to gathering resources with low disassembly probability, the collecting happiness is directly affecting, for example, when it comes to find petrified wood in woodfalls.

However, your luck does not affect the craft, and there are other craft-specific strengthening effects that affect the ability of the craftsman when it comes to increase the yield and quality of crafts.

Luck: more complex than you think

Luckiness is in New World (buying 39.99 €) according to the developers a complex system that makes more than the likelihood for an item from 0 to 100 percent. The reason: the designers use instead of percentage of integer throw areas to determine the likelihood that a particular object is dropped. These numbers are then converted into percentages when the lucky benefits of objects are specified in the game.

The more luck you have, the higher the probability of getting an object with low level of degradation, as the probability area becomes smaller. Happiness can therefore be very beneficial when killing named creatures and bosses, because it increases the chances that you receive an object with low disassembly probability.

Every buff that affects happiness is stacks and improves your Gobales luck or collecting happiness. Incidentally, shields that are equipped with a sword increase the luck of a character in the plundering of mobs or chests.

Practice example of happiness

For example, if you have a sword that gives you a lucky bonus of 2 percent, a ring that gives you a lucky bonus of 3 percent, and a bag with a lucky bonus of another 3 percent, then your additional happiness would be 8 percent a total of 8 percent.

This value would increase both the lower limit (shortening of the throw opportunities for this litter), as well as the lucky upper limit, by adding additional luck to the lenses. But here, too, this is that this increases only the opportunities and no guarantee is that a rare object is dropped.

Luckiness also does not affect the frequency with which objects are dropped, but to the quality of the object when a drop is triggered. Players killing 1,000 enemies with maximum lucky bonus have the same chance to get a series of objects, like players without lucky bonus. In players with less luck, the objects will be under the bottom line of lesser quality. Page 1 New World: Global happiness and collection – that’s how luck works in Aeternum Page 2 NEW WORLD: FAQ for the happiness system in Aeternum Page 3Pictures Gallery to New World: Global Luck and Collectible – That’s how luck works in Aeternum Next page next page To home page

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