Lost Ark Offline: Servers today long down, new update comes

Lost Ark goes down: Today, long maintenance are the MMORPG – and a new update. In a recent forum thread developers share with a specific time: The downtime will begin at 8 am German time. Lost Ark is then initially unreachable. The maintenance falls today longer than usual. According to Amazon and SmileGate RPG Lost Ark today eight hours offline . If everything goes according to plan, the servers go back online to 16 clock. Note that the figures are not final and can change in the course of maintenance.

Lost Ark today eight hours offline

During the eight-hour downtime a new update for Lost Ark, the additional content, bug fixes and optimizations appear airs. In the patch notes, the developers share that Changes in reinforcing materials, new events and the start of the competitive examination Arena season pending first “Enjoy Guardian raids Relaxes you, playing on more relaxed way! And get reinforcements as rewards. It is the ‘Scale of balance’ used to adjust the values of the character on the stage of the Guardian, and the difficulty level is according to the number of participants “adapted to the raid, share the developers in the patch notes with.

What does the new update?

The event, can participate with the player with an item level of 250, about running for a month. You can challenge Helgaia, Helgaia of frost, Lumerus, Ur’Nil, Vertus, Chromanium, Nacrasena, dark Legoros, Ice Legoros, Calventus and Levanos. Here you take part once a day and Event coins earn that their trade from a seller for rewards can. During the week you earn you 200 coins for a win at the weekend 300. “the seller can be found in major cities near the entrance to this new activity and there is the full range of reinforcement material chests Class 1, 2 and 3, metallurgy – and Schneider-books (to increase the amplification rate) and a jewel chest class to buy 3 – and every week until the end of the event, “complement the developers.

With today’s update also the Competitive Examination Arena Season 1 is launched – the activation occurs after downtime. Your wins and losses in the competitive games during the season give your competitive game-average rating. (Buy now 19,99 €) Details Season 1 in Lost Ark you read in a separate article.

gifts for all players

Additional gifts bagged her a well. The package includes the following contents:

  • New skin selection Chest: Animals
  • Companion selection Chest: Mokoko
  • Mount selection Chest: Moko panel
  • Common structure Lost Ark
  • Appearance change Ticket
  • Pheons x132
  • Menelik Tome x5
  • Legendary selection Chest: Map Pack x2

When you open any chest you also can choose between various options. So there are for example five jump-stone selection chests with 50x harmony jump stone, 50x life jump stone and 30x honor jump st1. The options also are available, learn it in the patch notes for the Lost Ark update in the forum of MMORPG. The gifts are you doing out in your product inventory after downtime. The new patch of adjustments to the rewards at the Grand Prix of Arkesia, a new system to combat bots and various bug fixes is rounded.

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