Game Buy Disc VS DL, whats better better

When you enter a PC game, you can activate a variety of download markets such as Steam, EPIC GAME, GOG, and you can pay games without having to worry. However, if you enter the console, it will be talking about it. In the case of consoles, it is still released as a physical disk or cartridge, and the market size is also maintained. Rather, these days, the console game specialist store is a little bit, and the offline trading is active.

It is increasingly interested in the console due to the release of PS and Xbox as a result of a few years ago. So sometimes the console game is often asking to ask for any of the download (DL) plates and package plates. Every time I do it, I know it kindly, but I repeat the same word, and it is true that I would like to have a feeling that the fatigue is stacked.

So I used to write once. I think it is a thought that I feel like I’m talking about the difference between the package and DL, and I will take a difference between each other. I just wanted to have a definitely fun, and I want to have a parody of Capcom’s famous IP ‘reversal trial’ series. I hope that you can read this article, prefer, or choose your taste.

** What do you want to save money like a blood,

Package: The package has a way to purchase cheaply from the date of release such as discount coupon or point earning. In addition, if a particular title is Xboxtory processing and dumping, the price may fall, which may be a cheap value. Compared to him, DL should give and demand an unconditional formal price, and even if we do a promotional discount on this occasion, the discount rate is not high, and most of the package is more expensive than most of the packages.

DL: is this! In recent years, promotional discounts are often, and the discount rate can be purchased cheaper than before. And in the case of NS, it is wrong to be able to earn points when purchasing the amount that is set to DL as a DL to purchase the amount of money,

Package: If so, what is the used trading? In the case of packages, you can also deal with the game that others are able to buy or own the game that others have to buy or own the game and buy another game. As a result, you can enjoy a lot of hobbies much more economically. However, because DL is an account, it is not exchanged with others, so it is only a big spending.

Game capacity is too big. What is the way to see a limited capacity?

Package: The package does not occupy the device hard capacity because it is to drive the game stored on the cartridge or disk. On the other hand, in order to play with DL, it should be installed on the hard-connected hardware, but it is full of 4 to 5 products, while the game capacity is noticeably increasing these days. Eventually, you have to purchase additional hard or SD memory cards, but you do not have to do so.

DL must purchase SSDs or SD memory cards separately, which will result in additional expenditures. In addition, the presentation of the presentation Xbox must purchase the SSD of the reader specification, but the price is not ignored. So is it a big problem in the above causes?

DL: I do not know what to do. NS Limited is that it is right, but if it is PS or Xbox, talk is different. Since PS4, Xbox ONE, the file is installed all on the disk, and it is equally equipped. In the end, whether to purchase a DL plate, whether or not to purchase a DL plate, whether to purchase a DL plate, it is the same to purchase additional SSDs.

For reference, PS5 has released a regular version and a digital edition, and the digital edition is 10,000 won inexpensive than a regular version. If you purchase an SSD with this money, is not it possible to get a more cheaper and use the same amount to install more capacity SSDs? I will submit this with additional evidence.

What is the benefit of purchasing a new game?

DL: There is no physical privilege, but it can be received all that can be used in a privilege item or digital. Besides, if you walk on the day before or on the day, you can enjoy the game right on the release date. In the case of a package, even if a reservation purchase is made, the game will be played 1 to 2 days after delivery is started. The DL user can see that the user can chew and taste and taste it. The fact that you can quickly enjoy your new game is a fan of the package.

Package: Recognize that you can quickly play new games. But do not you have a fatal disadvantage that too much? DL is all like themes, digital art, OST, and privilege code. Unlike him, you can get a variety of reservation benefits such as still books if you make a reservation purchase with a package. If you buy a little more money, you can buy a limited edition containing the St. Chua Art Book, and other garments, and you can buy a lot of favorite games.

In addition, sometimes you can get a little cheaper than the deficiency when booking a new game. The significance of Kirby Discovery, which is released soon, is a representative example. If you have a little bit of time, you can save a variety of Goodies that you can not get and you can get a variety of wells that you can not get, and you think it is not a package.

How to fill the collection needs?

Package: Collection is also one of the greatest advantages of the package. If you play a package game, you will automatically make admiration in the idea that you are playing in a showcase. Especially when you open the game package, you will be a good idea to have a memorable memories that you read the game package and read the game.

DL: Is this nowadays, do not you strengthen your digital manuals or tutorials instead of paper manuals? If so, the charm of the package is dead. And the game purchased with DL can also be identified by listing through the library in your account. Of course, it is convenient that the unique collected taste is a bit a little down, but it is a convenience that you can quickly find the game you want to set the category.

Also, over time, breakage, deformation occurs over time. So you have to purchase an empty case to replace, so ongoing spending occurs. Gathering is a hobby, but is inefficient in terms of economical aspects. And if it is a small amount, but if the package continues to accumulate, it can be a burden beyond the collection.

Package: It is a hard time to follow when you collect. But you can feel the emotion that satisfied with a job. In addition, if you have to replace the case, you may want to purchase a ball case or dumped game on the Internet. Then keep the maintenance costs.

What is the better way to buy a game?

Package: Simple is also a package. If you listen to your wallet, you can pay and bring it to your card or briefly. If you are annoying to go out, you can pay through online mall. Then you will arrive at the courier within a few days. Compared to him, the DL game purchase method is not uncomfortable.

Let’s take the switch as an example. Switches should use a PC unconditionally to use Korean ESHOP. As a matter of fact, the method is inconvenient, and to purchase an ESHOP product with a switch main body, a prepaid card must be charged. Besides, it is not to pay a certain amount by a card, and it is not possible to pay for the game price, and there is an inconvenience that the balance is always left.

Digital Vs Physical Games - The Pros and Cons of Digital Games
If you purchase through the PC ESHOP homepage, you can purchase a game with a credit card, but the switch that is discounted in the Switch Eshop may not be discounted on the PC ESHOP homepage, so that even if the balance must have a balance, even if the balance must be charged, even if the balance remains.

DL: It is not that the switch is not only the switch. The switch is a bit uncomfortable, but for PS or Xbox, the case of PS or Xbox, it is possible to purchase the payment system of various ways such as card registration, Kakao Pay, and mobile phone payment. Do.

And it is annoying to pay to PC, but it is much easier and faster than to order online by ordering online, or reading to go to buy games.

How do I get a variety of games?

Package: The game that is not the concept of the online store, such as PS2 or Game Boy, is available only as a package. I also think that time is handled as a rare collection, I think it is an advantage that I can not have DL. Sometimes it is sometimes nothing to go down and sell in the online store for the reasons of copyrights, contract expiration of elements in the game, and so on. In this case, you can enjoy the game only as a package that you released.

DL: If it is a game released as a package. Recently, a small indie game developer, not a large-scale company, is also actively coming out. However, such an indie game is difficult to release as a package, but it is because it is because it is a lot of capital when the package is released. Rather, the easiest way to enjoy and enjoy a variety of games is DL.

And it seems that it is not possible to enjoy the classic game released as a package, but in a recent large game developer, it is increasingly selling his past work or by remasting his past work. Of course, there are many classical families that have not yet been released, but there are many enough to enjoy enough.

What is the stability more excellent.

Package: Of course, package. If the disk and cartridges are physically damaged or damaged, it can be used semi-permanently.

DL: The dl is better. If you do not need to manage it separately, you can download and enjoy the game that you purchased and purchased anywhere, wherever you are connected to the account.

Package: It’s not the mistake of al1. I do not think the company does not think so. Recently, an error in Nintendo Wii Shop channels are incurred for a few days. Although Nintendo is a guess, Nintendo is on the Wii Shop Channel server. In this way, if the company has set up the server, it is not only the game that I bought, but I can not download DLC, privilege, and all again, and if memory fails, it will only make money as it is.

DL: Is not that too much for a maximum? As a result, the Wii Shop channel and the DSI SHOP channel were currently checked and announced that the DSI SHOP channel was currently checked and guided through future updates. It can not be evidence to drive it as a guess. In addition, it is an unexpected behavior that MS or Sony announced the position of DL is dangerous. MS has announced that it was going to keep in the DL, and Sony said that the store page will be able to resume that the store page is closed.


Package: If you do not have a collection, you will enjoy a hobby with the cheapest maintenance cost, if you have a collection of games, you can get a funny girl with a game package. NS does not need to purchase SD memory cards, and additional spending does not occur. There is no way to do not package to enjoy classical masterpieces.

DL: The overwhelming convenience is a great advantage. You can enjoy the new work that was waiting right away. If you are connected to only the Internet, you can install the game anywhere, wherever you can install the game. If you are not released in a package or printed, you can get a game that is hard to get and is registered in the online store.

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