How much time do you need to defeat the tunic?

Since its launch in March 2022, Tunic conquers the hearts and minds of everyone who wants to give her a chance. He talks about the adventurous fox in a familiar green tunic, which goes into an adventure in the extensive world, full of secrets.

Depending on the level of the player’s skills and determination to collect everything in the game, tunic will take from 12-20 hours per execution . Checking Reviews in Steam found that the main part of the game time of users falls on this area while viewing / completion, and determined our passage.

Those who are at a higher level of skills spectrum, or those who work with the incompleteness mode, will be able to get a game closer to this level in a dozen clock. Nevertheless, TUNIC is a difficult game, and those who want to fully experience the complexity of combat and puzzles will look for more than 17-20 hours.

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With the “New Game +” mode and a lot of secrets that need to be disclosed, the total game time can very much to increase to several tens of hours before each notorious stone is turned.

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