The new Xbox Game Pass games include highly qualified PlayStation exclusive

Xbox Game Pass has three new games, including an exclusive PlayStation console highly qualified, which, apart from the PC, has only been available through PS4 and PlayStation Vita until today. Two of these three games were added to all versions of the subscription service (Cloud, Console and PC) on both levels (Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). The third, although it is available at both levels, was only added through the console. And, of course, the three games are limited additions, although we do not know how limited this window is.

The most remarkable of these three games is the aforementioned exclusive of the PlayStation console, Zero Escape: the Nonarios Games, which debuted in 2017 through Spike ChunSoft. To date, we do not know how the game worked, but it did it very critically, obtaining an 87 in Metacritic. The other new games are _Cheatemia KRAKEN !! _ and _Gral contaminated: conquest. The first is a completely new release today, while the second has just arrived at Xbox today, but has been on PC since last year.

Next, you can read more about the three games and see the progress of the three games:

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Zero Escape: The Nonarios Games: “kidnapped and taken to an unknown place, nine people are forced to participate in a diabolical Nonary Game by an enigmatic brain called Zero. Why were they there? Why were they chosen to risk their lives as part of a dangerous life? and the game of death? Who can you trust? Tensions increase as the situation becomes increasingly serious, and the nine strangers must discover how to escape before they end up “.

KRAKEN ACADEMY !!: Make friends, free spirits and make sure the world does not end! Welcome to Kraken Academy, a feverish dream in Tecnicolor that, for legal reasons, can only be described as “technically a school”. Join a magic kraken to manipulate a loop of time and save the world. “

Contaminated Grail: Conquest: “A unique hybrid, infinitely rejugable and driven by the story between a rogue rogueike and a role play. Explore the constantly changing maps, fight with mortal enemies and discover what happened to the damn island of Avalon. “

Now that these three games are available through Xbox Game Pass, subscribers can now buy the three games with a special discount of 20 percent. Once each game leaves the subscription service, this discount will disappear.

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