Cheaper Game Pass: German Xbox

Microsoft switches a gear higher in its game-pass-offensive – and shortly reduces prices. However, German subscribers can not be happy about a cheaper monthly price, because the fat discount is only available in India.

Microsoft reduces game-pass prices in India

India is a particularly interesting market for many companies. No wonder, finally living in the South Asian country almost 1.4 billion people , almost as much as in China.

Microsoft, too, does not seem to have escaped the potential of the Indian market. To make the Xbox Game passport there more successful there, the Group has now come up with a simple idea: the subscription prices are greatly reduced. Previously, the monthly subscription of the Game Pass Ultimate 699 cost Indian rupees, converted 8,30 Euro, From April 1st, there are only 499 Indian rupees, ie 5.93 euros . For comparison: In this country, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with 12.99 euros suggests, is more than twice as expensive.

The prices of the other subscription offers of the Game Pass’ were also reduced. On average, Indian players soon pay 28 percent less **. The pure Xbox and PC subscriptions and Xbox Live Gold are also reduced.

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Sinking game-pass prices: soon with us?

But can be deduced by the price reduction in India that the prices in Germany soon go down soon? Game pass subscribers should not bet. Microsoft has already explained the following in an official statement:

“We regularly evaluate the prices for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold at Local Level to best operate customers in each country. These price adjustments are based on local market conditions in each country. This is merely a continuation of the price adjustments we have made in selected countries end of last year. “

Подробная инструкция как покупать игры и подписки через Аргентину. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

(Source: FoneArea)

The fact that prices in India are far below ours, gives way out if we throw a look at the average income of the country. This was 2020 with only 6,390 KKP dollars . For comparison: In Germany, this value is proud 55,220 KKP dollars, so almost ten times so much. Thus, the Indian Xbox players still have to pay much too much for the subscription after price adjustment.


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Mandy strut

Alternatively, prices would have to rise significantly – and that will happen sometime . If Microsoft has pulled enough people into the Game Pass Subbo, the Group will certainly tighten the price screw steadily. So it also did Netflix and recently Dazn. Let’s hope that this day can be a little waiting for yourself.

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