Kaan-Marienborn goatos

Four games were deducted, four games took place – including the top game first against fourth. And leaders 1. FC Kan-Marienborn missed it against Westfalia Rhyners, to underpin the table top. With a goatless 0: 0, the two teams separated. It was an intense and good-class top game, the FCK-M hit twice aluminum, but Rhyners was dangerous especially in the counterpart. Under the line, the homeland had more opportunities, even if the draw could be considered quite fairly.

Volleykracher im Spitzenspiel | SC Paderborn II - 1.FC Kaan Marienborn (Oberliga Westfalen)

The FC Gütersloh, guest at the Hammer SPVG, missed the connection to the foremost field with a also goatless draw. Gütersloh had more ball possession, but could not first work out many opportunities. After restart, the guest had a few times the lead on the foot or the head. But the Hommelf defended the counter sacrificing and could have been able to set the Lucky punch for a large chance.

Victories for Sprockhövel and Finnentrop / Bamenohl

In the lower half of the table, the TSG Sprockhövel celebrated the second victory within four days. With the 4: 1 success over TUS holders on the lake, the TSG approaches the neuralgic stroke on a counter. Two of the four TSG hits from the point – Ciccarelli, for example, were made after 12 minutes for a prelude for the TSG. Even before the break, Ibraim for the guests: According to the beautiful interface pass, he was in front of the keeper on the ball and pushed one to 1: 1 (38.). But the homeland made it fast after a corner kick again, Bulut headed a precise flank to the 2: 1 pause guide. After restart, it remained for a long time, only in the final phase, the TSG screwed the result in height: Ciccarelli set to 3: 1 (90th) with the second penalmeter, in the detention time was completely free at a flank Kyeremateng and compelled the 4: 1 in the stitches (90. + 3).

Also, the SG Finnentrop / Bamenohl has collected with a 2-0 success over the Holzwicked SC three other meters for the upcoming relegation round. Dogrusöz brought the homelif into passage one with a dusty with 1: 0 in the lead (23rd), for the second goal then Corchero, who benefited from the fact that the guest keeper pretended after a free kick on the ball (65th). The SG assumes rank twelve, but can no longer intervene in the fight for the top table half.

Free players were also the sports fans who have laid their match against Dei Spvgg Vreden on April 2. Nonetheless, there are news from the traditional club, which made the separation of coach Tobias Cramer’s separation on Sunday.

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