FC Schalke 04 announces financial knee

Football second division Schalke 04 hopes with a new corporate bond in fresh capital – to refinance an old bond.

As the football second division announced, the new emission is to introduce 5.5 percent interest rates with five years of runtime “at least a low double-digit million amount”, which will serve largely to replace a bond launched in 2016.

“This represents another building block in order to increase the economic and financial capacity of the association in the long term,” said Schalke on Wednesday. The bond 2022/2027 is “an attractive investment option in the current low interest rate environment”. It contains a Bundesliga bonus of once two percent at a rise in the Bundesliga until 2026.

The old bond is due 2023, it can be exchanged by the investors into a new 1. Most recently, Schalke had released that the association’s liabilities have been reduced by around 217 million to 183.5 million euros from around 217 million.

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