How to pass Ruins Runners Wild in Horizon Forbidden West

Players can find the ruins of this wild Relics runner in the wilds between flat songs and rheummal. As in the case of each of the relict ruins, it is a type of puzzle based on old ruins to get to one of the items of collectibles. To fulfill this, players need to make sure that they have already received the igniter mostly quest for Silence.

Opening Wild Ruins Runner

Entering the open part of the ruins at their foundation, the players will first need to pull the blue metal to the wall to open it. Opening the room, go inside and jump up to the level higher to descend lower below. Here will be a FireGeleam, which the player can light and open this room.

On the other hand, the walls with FireGeleam players will be able to throw a box with a short platform into this room. As soon as it turns out to be inside this room, the players will need to open the passage back using the tractor. Then push the box through this new hole. Pushes it until it stops to get to the yellow protrusions on the walls.

Laying of boxes

Climb on these yellow speakers on the roof. Here is the top there is a chest, a little greenshine and another box. Slide this box down from the roof edge to an even more dilapidated roof, and then down on the main open area.

Horizon Forbidden West - Relic Ruins: Runner's Wild Walkthrough
Press it to the protrusion closest to the first box so that it can be folded on the open area. After folding them, push them to the initial platform, where Elau took the first box. Then push them through the hole in the wall left by the fiery light.

Get the key of the altar room

From here, climb on a higher yellow protrusion from the inside of the tower. Here players can take the key from the room with the altar. Jump down back down to the locked door. Enter the key to the terminal. Fortunately, this will not need code over the key.

Then open this room with a tractor. Return back and take the stack of boxes again to return to the room with an altar through a new open wall. Then push it up the slope up through the outdoor doorway. At the altitude of the slope, use a box to climb on yellow speakers on this side of the tower. At this internal level of the tower, players can collect Easter decoration.

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