How to manage Tank in Fortnite

Season 2 chapters 3 Fortnite is already running, and players will find several new elements, including weapons, explosives and vehicles. Tanks IO were added to the game, and players will find them at various points of interest who threatens the imaginary order.

Led IO Tanks Players just need to enter it by pressing the button button x / square for controllers. Similarly, press E on the keyboard to enter and take control of IO Tank. Players can ride and shoot explosives from IO Tank. Once inside the IO tank, you can destroy the buildings driving through them.

How to Find and Use a Tank in Fortnite Season 2 | Tanks Explained
Players can enter the IO tanks with their teams. However, opponents can easily shoot in these IO tanks so that they explode. At the same time, the shooting mechanic has a charging delay, which means you have to be accurate with their explosives.

The IO tanks are mainly located in areas that were captured by the forces of the imaginary Order. You will find them in places such as the Cheonker Racing Track, the Command Cave and several other POIs. Land on one of the IO tanks earlier to take responsibility for the fight, as you can expect that opponents will do the same.

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