Game Pass Baller: Xbox still has 7 gaming 2022

The Xbox Game Pass continues to play the muscles and presents seven other games, which Microsoft offers all subscribers as day-one releases this year without extra costs.

With the ID @ Xbox showcase event, Microsoft has introduced some upcoming highlights for the Game Pass. Subscribers can look forward to seven new releases after the presentation, which should be added to the service this year at the date of publication. Some of them have already been published in the past on other platforms and now come to the Xbox consoles for the first time, others are brand new.

Game Pass: 7 new releases announced

Fans of indie games are well equipped 2022 with a game-pass subscription well, because the seven newly announced day-one releases promise varied entertainment. Here are the promised games in the overview:

  • Immortality: A Mystery game with live action elements from the maker of Her Story.
  • Escape Academy: An Escape Room Adventure from the EGO Perspective.
  • Kraken Academy: A colorful high school simulation.
  • Beacon Pines: An equally pretty as gloomy animal adventure.
  • Citizen Sleeper: A dystopic sci-fi trip.
  • Chinatown Detective Agency: A Point – & – Click Adventure, funded by a successful kickstarter campaign.
  • Floppy Knights: A strategy game with deck building in cartoon optics.

Xbox Game Pass Reveals 7 New March Games | Next-Gen Consoles Help Break Record | News Dose

While the day-one releases are likely to ensure great cheers at indie fans, the Xbox event was incidentally additionally all sorts of material to other coming game passport highlights was shown – for example, the oblique wrestling RPG Wrestle Quest, the Adventure Tunic inspired by The Legend of Zelda and the Action Game Flintlock The Siege of Dawn. (Source: Xbox)

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Xbox service gets properly replenishment

So Microsoft also expands his subscription service 2022 and offers some interesting plays directly on the day of publication the big game-pass stage. In addition to the remote releases, there are already some top-class new additions in the coming days – such as Crusader Kings 3, F1 2021 and more.

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