Xbox Game Pass surprises subscribers with an important gift

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers at Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC were surprised with a new and quite important gift. Unfortunately, if you are not an Ultimate Subscriber, if you are only subscribed to the base version of Xbox Game Pass, this new free gift will be lost. For $ 5 additional per month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers receive mainly three things: Xbox Live Gold, EA Play and «Perks». The latter is basically the mark of the subscription service for additional offers. Sometimes, these “benefits” include free Halo Infinite content in the game or a free time limited subscription to an anime transmission service. This time, the new gift is more the latter.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gets a Big Surprise Addition This Month - IGN Daily Fix

On Twitter, community administrator of 343 Industries Juan Junsyzek has transmitted the news that as of March 23, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can redeem a 30-day test for Paramount +. This is particularly worth mentioning because the new aureola the television program will be launched through Paramount + the next day, on March 24. In other words, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can see it “free”.

If this does not like, the transmission service, which begins at $ 12 per month, gives you transmission access to the Champions League, March Madness, NFL, CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, a wide collection. of movies, and much more. It is not as popular as Netflix, Amazon Prime or some of the other main competitors in space, and is not the cheapest in space, but it offers a lot for your money.

It is not clear how long this offer will be available, but we know that it begins on March 23 and, once you can, it only has 30 days with the subscription service. What is not clear either if it will be configured or not for automatic renewal, so be careful with this if you decide to take advantage of the offer.

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