Voices and reactions to the game abort in Bochum: “With such a day attack, this is alternative”

The Friday evening game of the 27th game day between VfL Bochum and Borussia Mönchengladbach has been broken off for only 70 minutes of Christian Gittelmann for only 70 minutes. Afterwards, the responsible persons of both clubs expressed their regret on the situation and sent recovery wishes towards Gittelmann.

Bochum has collected the most important voices for you to disconnect (Source: DAZN).

Referee Benjamin Cortus over…

… the abort: “A filled beverage cup was thrown out of the audience area, on the arbitrator wizard on the side line alone at this time, and met this at the back of it. He was dazed and has now been brought to the hospital, He is examined accordingly. With such a dating attack on a game official, a game break is simply alternative. “

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… Gtigann’s condition: “We have packed his stuff, he was picked up from paramedics and is on the way to the hospital. My other assistant came with him. He then contacts me as soon as he knows something, [Gtigman] has said after the game in the cabin that one is full of adrenaline. If that follows, you realize it right. “

Sebastian Schindzielorz (sports director VFL Bochum)…

… about the situation: “Of course you have to apologize for it, of course, I believe that it is also important that we wish the affected line agent all the best. May he recover quickly, it’s a pity that we are allowed to play again for the first time 25,000 spectators and unfortunately does not take a sporty outcome. We would have had 15 to 20 minutes to make the game still to turn. That’s no reason not acceptable. We would not like to be acceptable apologize for all form. “

… about the Bochum fans: “We wished that we can get at the stadium again as soon as possible, because this gives us an extra push for us in home games. We tried to get scores However, it is definitely not so that we can condemn the whole group here in Bochum. We have great support in recent years. This is now an incident, which is not allowed to happen, but definitely not representative of the Bochum fans scene is “

… about the consequences: “You have to go out. The first consequence is that a few minutes have been missing, in which we would have turned the thing here maybe. Which consequences that will be ultimately, we can now still be not say.”

Roland Virkus (sports director Borussia Mönchengladbach)…

… about what’s going on: “A good second half, where we lead 2: 0. But then you have to clearly say that no one wants a football game so ends.”

… about the situation in the catacombs: “It was not clear from the beginning that it is canceled. It was assumed, but it was not clear. After the team then advised, you have become decided that a cancellation is the best. “

… about possible consequences from the mug: “It does not make a good picture, you have to say that. That does not belong. The atmosphere here was good, this is actually a cool football stadium. But the end would like No 1. “

… about the responsibility of fans: “I would like to be responsible for more responsibility. But we also know that something is hard. It’s just annoying, you have to say so clearly, All that’s good improvement in the assistant. Whether it was a single one, it does not matter. Generally, it is easy to watch better. “

Gladbach co-trainer Peintinger: “Has not lost anything on a football field”

Christian Peintinger (co-coach Borussia Mönchengladbach)…

… about the feeling at home: “We are sure to go home with no good feeling today. It is sad that a game has to end like that. I hope the line agent is fine. That’s the game Such an end takes, that has lost nothing on a football field. “

… about the decision in catacombs: “We had no contact with the referee team after the interruption. We went to the cabin and have been waiting for we got information. At some point then the message came then that the game is canceled. “

… About his players: “My players have then discussed that you do not feel safe anymore and that this is a bitter pill when a game has to end, I just hope it’s with Nothing the relationship between fans and players. “

Markus Gellhaus (co-trainer VFL Bochum)…

… about the situation: “One must first apologize in all clearness. That’s embarrassing and unacceptable. It is sad that the game can not be carried out sporty at the end because something happens “

… about the way in the cabin: “In the first two minutes we were a bit uncertain whether we should even go to the cabin. But that has been cleared relatively quickly. The referees have advised and are advised Then came to the conclusion that this game can not go on. This is also completely understandable if the line judge has problems to continue the game. “You have to accept that.”

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… about the mood situation in the team: “First and foremost, it was of course about this topic. That the game could possibly be canceled due to this situation. Then the frustration of the players sitting deep. They wanted the in the Clarify sporty competition. “

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