Buy gaming notebook: Big market overview and many tips about selection and purchase

In our special we dedicate ourselves to gaming-enabled notebooks, which can still be a good alternative to a desktop PC because of high graphics card prices. Meanwhile, the graphics card prices have fallen significantly compared to the end of 2021, but are still at a rather high level. Numerous current links to relatively favorable graphics cards offers you will always find Tuesdays and Fridays on our website. In our special we try to clarify the most important questions as well as advantages and disadvantages of game-appropriate notebooks. There is also a market overview with 60 current gaming notebooks or notebook rows, which also offer model variants with gaming power.

Gaming notebooks: relatively expensive – right?

Gaming notebooks with strong 3D power have the reputation to be quite expensive compared to a desktop PC. This was also the case for a long time and has a simple logic that is not just because you have paid a keyboard and monitor in a notebook. Because of course it is much more difficult to accommodate strong hardware in a laptop housing, so that the cost of an otherwise identical strong performance can be significantly higher than with a PC.

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In addition, gaming notebooks are not so enormously widespread bulkheads such as normal office disks, and there are no items in contrast to PCs, from which buyers can assemble their own device themselves.

If a manufacturer brings on the market, he has to plan well because of the cooling and, so that the planning is worthwhile to produce in relatively high quantities, but still respond a rather small buyer layer – this is a risk that usually carries a risk first compensated with the highest possible prices.

However, notebooks can currently keep up with a similarly strong desktop PC in many cases, which is also at the still high price level in graphics cards. But we clarify this later – first we look at the advantages and disadvantages of gaming notebooks.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming laptops

The benefits of a gaming laptop are at the same time those who has each notebook: you can use it everywhere as long as there are no toxic climate conditions for the components. So you can play at the desk, the kitchen table, on the sofa, train or in good weather in the garden or in the park.

But there are, especially when it comes to gaming, also disadvantages. Only RAM and commercial (hard drive or SSD) can be implemented realistically – if at some point the CPU or graphics card is too weak for a new game, you can not upgrade the notebook, but must buy a new one.

Likewise, a repair is expensive, partly uneconomical if a problem arises from the mainboard, the graphics card or the display. Despite proceeds for the used device, the use of a gaming notebook in the long run remains expensive, as you have to buy much more than a desktop PC much more frequently.

Another disadvantage is the volume. Because because of the compactness small fans with very high speeds are necessary, which logically can be heard strongly.

On the other hand, a PC can be made very quiet, and in addition, the PC is usually not right in front of the nose, a notebook already. Of course, those who use the notebook rather stationary as well as a separate monitor or television for the image, which can also place the laptop away a few meters away and play for example via wireless periphery.

In that case, the volume development would not be a particularly relevant topic more, whereby the typically rather rather in the high-frequency area fan sound can also be nervous from a few meters. No real disadvantage, but a little thing that should be considered:

If you play, you are realistically dependent on an existing power outlet. Because as soon as a strong 3D performance is required, the battery of a notebook is quite fast. Really “playing mobile” you can not do with a notebook, except you come out with short game sessions.

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