The new free game of Epic Games Store is a highly qualified terror degree

It is Thursday, which means that Epic Games Store has a new free game for PC. This week, it is a highly qualified horror game. As always, if you are in Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, you are not lucky with this gift. It is limited to Epic Games Store, which means that it is limited to PC. If you are on PC and you have an Epic Games Store account, now you can download _en healthy trial, without bonds. Once downloaded, the game is yours forever, but the offer must be claimed before next Thursday because next Thursday, the digital store will be updated with a new free game.

As for the game itself, In Sound Mind debuted in September 2021 through the Developer We Create Stuff and the Modus Games Editor. It is not clear how the game has been commercially worked, but in Steam, it has an “overwhelmingly positive” user review rating, with 95 percent of 807 reviews qualifying the game positively.

Next, you can read more about the game and see an official trailer:

“When you wake up in the corridors of an inexplicable building, you discover that the surroundings charges its own life and leads you to discover a series of victims, all exposed to the same experimental chemical”, it is read at an official launch of the game. “In your search for answers, strange visions arise and present a series of imposing horrors… and a cat named Tonia. From the creators of the cult classic CASA of Nightmare 2 arrives en healthy judgment, an ingenious game of psychological terror in first person with frantic riddles and unique fights against heads. It goes through a series of disturbing memories while traveling within the internal functioning of the only place in which it seems that you can not escape: your own mind ».

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