The final guide of PCs for JugarShortage Edition

The world of computers has been packed arrivals in recent months. Nobody will catch him by surprise that graphic cards, like many other technological components, have an exorbitant price, reaching today twice his original price, and having arrived in some cases to cost even the triple. Making a new PC guide in these cases has been a hard task that you have needed a time to mature if it was worth it… but it is a time when everyone comes to you and you have to renew itself, whatever the situation in which we are.

And this situation that we are living in many sectors, included in the consoles – with the shortage of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, mainly -, in the world of the PC has lived differently, since the prices of the components They are not so subject to the PVP marked by the manufacturers. Thus, if with the consoles by maintaining the original price, the demand has eclipsed the supply of machines, with graphic cards the supply / demand has moved to the other side: raise the price of them so that the demand is equal With the offer.

Each system has its reasons for the price increase. The common reason for all, of course, is the slowdown in the production of microchips by the pandemic that we have been dragging for two years. In the case of graphic cards, two more problems have been joined:

  • The diversity of models and the relatively low sales volume of each model do not allow to apply an economy of scale in its manufacture as it can be with the consoles, which are all the same.

  • The boom of cryptomones, which has monopolized the purchase and use of graphic cards for itself, leaving the non-professional market short supply and forced to compete in price with professionals who can assume greater initial investment than the average consumer.

This forces us to change the perspective of the guide: In the first teams, we propose a basic gaming with graphic cards integrated in the CPU, in order to be able to prepare for a future in which to buy a graph is somewhat more reasonable. And on the other hand, middle-range and high-up-ranking equipment to pay for the extratest, but trying to minimize the jug of the GPUs by forming a very solid team in the rest of aspects.

Not everything are bad news in the world of PCS: We have the new 12th generation Intel processors, which for the first time in many years offer an awesome performance jump and that, again, put in check the AMD proposals at prices Really attractive In addition, the prices of memories, both RAM and SSDS, have fallen into chopping and nowadays is a very good time to gather both.

What do we recommend from our perspective? Is it a good time to buy a new PC? It depends on what we want to update. If we want to update the CPU + Plate + RAM assembly, the answer is a resounding yes: the prices are very good, surely to compensate in part how attractive it is to be mounted a PC with new graphics. So if it was something you had pending to change, go ahead, without hesitation.

If what you have to change is the graphic card, the recommendation is to wait if you can. Prices should be normalized slowly, but surely do not return to the original pre-pandemic prices and it will take many months to reduce the cost of a graph at a reasonable price.

The rest of the components, such as boxes, power supplies, refrigeration, etc., are maintained at normal prices, so it is not unleashed to be mounted on a complete equipment without the graph, keeping the old or using the integrated, and take advantage of some punctual offer or a Good time to get the new one.

Before moving on to the six teams that form this new PC guide, we leave you as always with the…

Previous considerations

  • It is a guide with a single goal in mind: play on PC. The components are chosen to get the most out of euro inverted, except for some exception commented on each team. That is why it is usually for a sufficient component base for the team to work without problems, and invest most of the budget in the two most important elements that determine pure and hard performance: the graph and the processor.
  • As well as previous editions, peripherals are not included. They are elements that do not influence performance itself (although in the game experience), and your choice is very personal.
  • You can combine budgets as long as you maintain the processor sets + motherboard, and on the other hand graphic card + power supply. It is recommended, too, keep the same memory along with the CPU. Contemplate those two combinations like inseparable packs when it comes to combining.
  • Prices, as always, are indicative, since they vary daily. Graphics particularly, especially given the current situation, tend to have highly variable prices.
  • This guide includes links with reference; The sales commissions derived from purchases using these links will go directly to the author of the guide.


Our first team includes the most economical CPU that can be found in the market with a decent integrated graph. Athlon 3000G has 2 cores and 4 processing wires, with 3 cores of VEGA 3 graphics, which is at least today to be able to charge a modern one.

Accompanying the CPU, we include two 4 GB RAM modules to take advantage of the double bandwidth of memory and to maximize each power drop of the AMD CPU. It is accompanied with a basic SSD of 120 GB, and equally a basic and sufficient feeding box and source to operate the equipment correctly.

As you could imagine, the aspirations of this basic configuration are not particularly high: playing 1080p to any modern game is far from the team’s possibilities, but at 720p we can run with dignity an amazing amount of modern games at 30 fps or even More depending on the graphic demand of the same, as well as many classic games at 1080p.

It is, in the background, a good machine for indie games or if we want to play sporadically all the backlog pending that we have on the PC.

_ Recommended Graphic Configuration : 720p (low-medium)._

Steam Deckstop | € 450.

The desktop version of the Steam Deck! Well, not exactly: there are some key differences in terms of power, beyond the form factor. With the APU Ryzen 5 5600g, we have a much more powerful CPU than Steam Deck with 6 cores and 12 process wires, while the GPU is, on paper, slightly lower by using a previous architecture and being paired with DDR4 memory in Time from the DDR5 of the Valve machine.

In any case, the largest thermal margin of a desktop computer surely causes the real potential differences and that we are facing a team with a power similar to the most powerful impending portable on the market, and on the line of what offered The previous generation of consoles.

Advantages? We have base 256 GB of storage for the same price, and having a very solvent processor at the PS5 / XSX level makes this team ready to work in the future with a dedicated graph and get at the level of the current consoles with a Simple Change of Graph, Since the source, although modest, is prepared to feed a dedicated graphics without problems, and with the 16 GB it carries, the RAM will not be a problem.

It is the team that we recommend for all those who need to renew the PC and you do not want to pay the current over-price duck on graphic cards. You can play 1080p in modest graphic qualities to any modern market game and, when prices are normalized in the not too distant future, add a mid-range graph and play as it is due.

_ Recommended Graphic Configuration : 720p (Ultra), 1080p (low-medium)._


Paying what is worth a PS5 + Xbox SERIES S for having the performance of an Xbox One X? But what madness is this! Yes, that’s how it is: Unfortunately the current surcharge is so great that one of the tiers most acclaimed in recent times is. Here there is not much consolation in terms of pure performance: the graphic power of the GTX 1660 is half of the new generation consoles, approximately. It is the sacrifice that touches us to pay to be a fish tank today – a team that is not what you seem to be paying.

At normal prices, and making some settings in the configuration, it could have a similar power equipment for € 500, but we believe it is time to take advantage of the great price that have some components such as CPUs and RAM to ride something More oversized and invest, new, face to the future. That is why we include the great i5-11400F: it is a dedicated graphic processor, but at a price 10 0 € lower than that it would have its equivalent in AMD if we would like to match the pure performance of its 6 cores and 12 threads.

Despite having recently relegated to a background by his new brother, protagonist of the next team, the cost of the base plates of the 11th generation of Intel processors is much more affordable and that allows us to have the CPU + plate most profitable Of the entire guide, in addition to a quality Seasonic source to feed any graph of the market.

This team is halfway between the investment for the future and the instantaneous power that offers a dedicated graph with current prices. Do not remove it a team capable of moving any game above 1080p in a very solvent way, but it is still below your homologous consoles, if you can do it with one.

_ Recommended Graphic Configuration : 1080p (High-Ultra), 1440p (Medium)._

SMI Breaker | € 1,400

To put us at one level something above Sony and Microsoft machines, we have to jump to Nvidia’s 3000 series graphics and, specifically, to RTX 3060 Ti, that she alone is above the painful 700 €. Good thing we are all since at least!) Mileurists, because in the configuration we propose the GeForce is carried, per second consecutive team, half of the total budget.

But here, at last, it is already beginning to protrude the difference between PCS and consoles. With a processor such as the i5-12400F, fresh out of Intel’s ovens, we have the most leading technology that destroys in pure core nucleus performance to any other market competitor. The 12th generation of the CORE includes the new duality of P (high performance) nuclei and E (high efficiency). Although 12400F only includes 6 cores P and 12 process wires, the power jump with respect to the previous generation is around 20%, something that has not been seen for many years between generations of the blue brand

The rest of the equipment includes a motherboard with the chipset B660 also just released with some baubles as various types of connectors M.2 and a rear USB-C, 16 GB of RAM DDR4 to 3200 MHz, an SSD M.2 high speed With 1 TB capacity, and a Source of Seasonic with 80 Plus Gold certificate.

It is the team that wants at least a performance similar to the current consoles, but being prepared to plant face and overcome future pro versions.

_ Recommended Graphic Configuration : 1440p (High-Ultra), 4K (High-High)._

Covid Master Race | € 2,300

In order to enjoy an impassive endurance team over the years, we propose an configuration with the i7-12700kf as a reference processor that, with its 12 cores and 20 process wires thanks to the configuration of 6 cores p + 8 cores e And its ease to be overclocked, will allow us to have a solid foundation for many years. They are accompanied by 32 GB of RAM DDR4; DDR5 prices still do not justify change if we want to continue taking good performance to each euro invested.

Intel LGA1366 Core i7 & Extreme Edition CPU Installation Tutorial Guide Walkthrough Linus Tech Tips
With RTX 3070 IT we can play at highest quality in 4K without disheveled with the improved version of the already powerful RTX 3070, at a rather reasonable price within the situation between hands. To improve the refrigeration of the CPU, this time we include the Night NH-U12S replacing Intel’s integrated fan, and thus be able to ride the 12700kf as it is due, helped by Z690-Plus WiFi D4 and its multiple phases Feeding. A motherboard that also includes PCIE 5.0, Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, WiFi 6, and the rest of connectivity in the form of USB ports 3.2, M.2, and others that can be expected from a premium motherboard like this.

It is a team for which you want to be a step beyond the current generation of consoles, and look at them through the rearview mirror. This performance, without a doubt, must be paid in every euro that costs on the team. But it is the consolation that we have these days in the Pecero world: If you are willing to empty your current account, you still can have something that, for now, do not offer domestic consoles: to be able to play fluently with everything to the fullest.

_ Recommended Graphic Configuration : 4K (High-Ultra)._

PC GOD Race | € 5,500.

You already know that we love doing an unattainable team for most mortals. The authentic Race God, with the best of the best of the current market. This is that team: the best current Intel processor, the i9-12900K with 8 cores P + 8 cores E, capacity of overclocking, and even, demons, graphic graph in case you have to live a time without the GTX 3090.

This graph is, today, today, the best you can buy in the market. In brief we will have your successor, the RTX 3090 Ti, waiting for the future 4000 series of NVIDIA, but if you want the most powerful already, this is your graph. Accompanied by 64 GB of RAM DDR5 because, well, money is not a problem in this team. And we would not want to be close to having more memory in the graph with their monstrous 24 GB than in the RAM memory slots, right?

Because YES: With 24 GB of Graphic Memory, the RTX is able to offer an acceptable performance in 8K. It is not a very common configuration for multiple reasons: the availability and price of screens with that resolution, the incompatibility of some games, and, in most of them, unavailability of textures at 8k. But when there is nothing that prevents you, there will be the possibility.

To accompany the team, we select a box with a really rompedor style like Cougar Blazer, 2 TB in one of the best SSDS on the market with Samsung 980 Pro, and one of the best feeding sources of SEASONIC with the first Platinum of 1300 W. Taking into account that the 12900K overclocked can reach 400 W of consumption, and the RTX 3090 also with OC to more than 500 W, we do not want to stay short and make sure that the tension in the rails is as stable as possible.

In short, it is probably the most powerful team that can be purchased with sales components to the general public. A machine that does not resist anything.

_ Recommended Graphic Configuration : 4K (Ultra), 8K (Medium)._

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