Soul Walker, Steam Steam Domestic Services 18th

Ryan Games (Representative Yoon Sung-jun) announced the Domeston of the PC Game Platform ‘Steam’ (Steam) today (18th) today (18th) that it started the domestic services of this ability action RPG ‘Soul Walker’.

Ryan Games is a plan to go through a large-scale ‘Soul Walker’ Season 2 on March 23, after 5 days after receiving the application application from February 16, after receiving the account for account.

Ryan Games is a great improvement of user-friendly functionality for the prior to the domestic service steam, and is preparing for a regular basis.

First, user convenience function is ▲ starter and return user, ▲ action and skill structure, ▲ character and ranking, ▲ other than 4 categories.

Ryan Games was achieved ‘Guide Renewal’ and ‘Quest Experience’ for beginners and return users. In addition, status reorganization, ranking, and UI have also been replaced by the Ranking and UI and improving the loading speed.

Ryan Games prepares for 600,000 won, which is a compensation for the last steam account, and for a significant sales item of 600,000 won, It is a policy that provides a significant item.

Since then, we are promising to compensate for Season 2 service compensation, community, SNS, and steam steam compensation.

After successful settling on steam services, the ‘Soul Walker’ Season 2 update is conducted since March 23. Season 2 is the story of the Cloud Rim, the story of the Great Stage, a group of Rods’, which dominates the eastern part.

Soul Walkers, who entered the East, have to know the innerness of Rods and fight to collapse the ‘Saiseus’, the top of Rods, and the Soul Walker aims to the final Billeng, Sulsp, that is, It is on the battle.

These season 2 will be held for a total of seven years in the first half of 2025, and Ryan Games prepares to enjoy a variety of enjoyment, such as “Soulmate”, a newly added pet system, a newly added pet system. there is.

Finally, it is noteworthy the communication of Ryan Games. Ryan Games is greatly enhancing the use of the developer notes through Naver ‘Soul Walker’ lounge. Sung Jun-hee plans to introduce directly to the game and communicate directly with the user through the community.

Ryan Games is a plan to strengthen the world view, strengthen the world view, and strengthen the ‘Soul Walker Universe’ due to the steam service, and will further strengthen the “Soul Walker Universe”.

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Sung Jun-hee Soul Walker PD said, “I am aware of the word of thanks to the walker who has been constantly waiting for a long period of time and cheered. The reason that Soul Walker can exist is that I think that it is because of the walker, and I will try to make better services in steam.” I said.

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