TUNIC is now available on Xbox

Tunic Review
_ TUNIC _ _ was revealed on the 2017 Gaming Show PC. Since then, PC and Xbox users have been anxiously waiting for this title, which retains all the spirit of The Legend of Zelda classic games. After five years, this independent title has finally reached our hands.

At this time you can now enter your Xbox or PC consoles, and buy _tunic _ . Along with this, Xbox Game Pass users can already download this title at no additional cost.

The game only weighs 3 GB, so space will not be a problem, even with your Xbox Series S. Together with this, the first reviews of tunic have begun to emerge, and the general opinion is that this is one of The best exclusive Xbox of 2022.

Remember, _ tUNIC_ is now available at Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC . You can learn more about this game here. Similarly, here we tell you if the Xbox All Access service is worth it or not.

Editor’s note:

TUNIC Look at incredible, and I’m already downloading the game. I can not expect to see if this title survives Hype, something that is very possible. In a few days they will learn more about my opinions about this title, wait for Gameplay and review.

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