Conje Game Recruitment of Participation,

The Ministry of Culture, Athletics and Korea Content Agency (Conden) (Conden) (Conden), recruitment of 2022 games to support domestic games overseas until 31st.

The game is a business that freely selects the services you need to advance overseas. Open Market Forms Only Platform ‘Game Dead Platform’ can be used to find and use what is required during consulting, marketing, dubbing, translation, testing services, and infrastructure.

This year, 30, 30, and 7 games in the second half of the second half of the second half, provide a total of 5.5 billion won service. In the first half of the year, recruitment is to target mobile, PC online games without genre constraints, and must be released directly to the target country for more than one overseas market by August.

If it is selected, it is possible to receive a large amount of 8.5 billion won, and the service can be selected according to the situation on the game. The platform has 166 services in consulting, marketing, game services, and infrastructure.

In addition, we assign a strategic consulting to help you to release the game, even if you do not have experience in the game, even if you have a game dedicated PM,

recruiting participants

Meanwhile, Condenia will conduct online briefing sessions from the official YouTube channel from 2 pm on the 22nd on the 22nd. Support contents, application method, etc., and proceed with query response.

If you want to participate in your business, you can accept it online on the official homepage of the Condenist’s official website by 11 am on March 31, where you have submitted documents. In the second half of the year, the announcement will be announced on July in July.

Congon Won Game Headquarters The headquarters of the headquarters, “The game is already visible as a business that gives a customized assistance to advancing domestic games in accordance with the demand of the game company,” said Chapter “GameDership is already visible to advance to the domestic game.” This year, As a plan, we will actively support the excellent small-medium-sized games so that they can go to the overseas market without difficulty. “

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