Sunday Toses, CI dictionary

Sunday Toses conveyed a new CI on 16 days and released a new CI on 16th. The new mission of the Sunday Tose, which contains a growing willingness through a variety of new businesses, including a block chain, which is leading the largest shareholder in the global market, is ‘Wemade Play’.

Very Early Sunday Morning

The change of the mission of the Sunday Tose is characterized by the direction of collaboration in the digital business, including the wemid group, the affiliates, and PNE (PLAL & EARN, and the following PNE) based on the common denominator. Sharing of mission to WMADI, which is a blockchair market leader, is expected to have a positive effect on corporate new people and the expansion of corporate new people in the global market. In addition, “Play”, which is familiar with play, sports and games, etc., was selected as a word of casual and popularity of the Sunday Tose, and the word representing the personality. The company explained that it implements that it implements the block chain and a variety of game development and business to a newly advanced block, which is a re-established and collaboration.

Meanwhile, the subsidiaries in Sunday Tose will also use a new CI that emphasized the play with the code that shares the CI to the CI disclosure. Three players, playmatches, players, and players, etc., are planning to be presented from the first half of the first half of the year, where they will be able to expand the philosophy of play with Sunday Tose.

Sunday Toses Lee Hoza, “Wimade play will be a mission to challenge and spread the goals and commitments of Sundays and members,” said Sunday, “I will prepare a new prime.” “I said.

Sunday Tose will confirm the new mission and CI at the regular shareholders’ meeting on March 31.

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